Law On Identity Vests, Cards For Commercial Motorcyclists Still In Force – Osun Govt

Law On Identity Vests, Cards For Commercial Motorcyclists Still In Force – Osun Govt
  • PublishedJanuary 19, 2023

The state government of Osun has notified commercial motorcyclists that the law requiring the usage of identity vests and cards has not been relaxed.

The Osun Office of Transportation’s Executive Secretary, Bilal Adiat, revealed this while participating in a live radio program in Osogbo.

Adiat maintained that the State government understood the value of identifying each commercial motorcycle operating within the State and added that doing so was a way to guarantee the safety of the riders and any passengers.

Adiat noted that with the use of the identity vests and cards, the State government has been able to obtain the correct records and bio-data of every commercial motorbike operator in Osun while pleading with the commercial motorcyclists and their union to put an end to the false narrative.

The Executive Secretary outlined how the initiative has additionally aided law enforcement, particularly the police, in locating criminals who use motorcycles to commit crimes around the State.

In his words, “The new government has not relaxed the law asking commercial motorcycle riders in Osun State to get their identity vests and cards as being peddled around in some quarters.

“Mr Governor knows that the identity vests and cards are for the safety of both the rider and those who use motorcycles as a means of moving from point A to point B, the vests are reflective at night which also help to reduce accidents, it is a must”, he emphasized.

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