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Kano Reports Suspected Case of Monkeypox

Kano Reports Suspected Case of Monkeypox
  • PublishedOctober 29, 2017

The Kano State government through its Commissioner for Health, Dr. Kabul Getso, has confirmed that a suspected case of Monkeypox has been recorded in Bebeji Local Government Area of the state.

Whilst informing journalists on Saturday Kano that the blood sample of the victim had been sent to Abuja for clinical verification, Getso said “One of the symptoms of the disease was noticed in the patient, but we are suspecting that the disease is more of Chickens pox than monkey pox… The State also identified 60 people who had contacts with the victims and all of them have been quarantined.

“For now only 11 States are affected by the monkeypox disease and 94 persons are the victims out of which only six are confirmed. The Kano case from Bebeji Local Government is yet to be confirmed. The blood sampling will take three weeks before it is ready.”

Medical and animal science experts have warned of possible outbreak of more zoonotic disease if regulating human-animal relationships is not made an agenada on public health issues.

Monkeypox is a rare zoonotic disease caused by contact with the monkeypox virus that belongs to the same family of viruses that include Variola Virus.

The Monkeypox virus can cause an illness with a generalised vesicular skin rash, fever and painful jaw swelling. Previous outbreaks have led to death in about 1 to 10 per cent of infected cases.
There is no specific medicine to treat the disease, but intensive supportive care helps patients to recover fully.

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