Kano Hisbah Arrests Journalist For Condemning Its Actions On Social Media

Kano Hisbah Arrests Journalist For Condemning Its Actions On Social Media
  • PublishedMay 15, 2024

Jamil Mabai, a journalist working with Trust TV, the television broadcasting arm of Media Trust Group has been arrested by Kano State Hisbah Corps, a religious police force.

It was gathered that Mabai was arrested over a social media post where he allegedly criticised the alleged human rights violations against youths in the state.

Speaking on his arrest, a fellow journalist on X handle (@Edrees4P), wrote, “Hisbah in Katsina arrested a journalist @jaymb000 over his post on Facebook criticizing their unjust detainment and human rights violations against youth in the state.

“Jamilu is a reporter for Trust Tv in Katsina. Remember, journalism is not a crime.”

Confirming his arrest on Wednesday morning, Mabai revealed how he was arrested and detained when he visited Hisbah’s office to interview the Public Relations Officer (PRO) but was detained.

He explained that the supposed interview was based on a particular DJ who was shot by Hisbah officials last week, but he was thrown into custody.

He wrote on X: “How I was detained by Katsina Hisbah officials when I visited their office to conduct a follow-up interview with the PRO.

“Hisbah, has banned the activities of DJs at events in Katsina. Last week Friday, Mallam Gambo, a resident of Katsina, died from a gunshot wound sustained while Hisbah officials were trying to shut down a wedding with a DJ. The shots were fired by an operative of the Community Watch Corp tasked with defending communities against bandits.

“Following this incident, I contacted the Katsina Hisbah Public Relations Officer (PRO) to request a follow-up interview regarding Mallam Gambo’s death. Upon my arrival at the Hisbah office, I couldn’t find the PRO. Unknown to me, it was a setup.

“Hisbah officers approached me, claiming they were instructed to detain me. Despite explaining that I was a journalist there for an interview, they insisted and confiscated my phone before holding me in a cell.

“Later, I was brought before the commandant’s office. “He threatened me, he said, “I am fighting with religion, and there is nothing I or anybody can do against the activities of Hisbah”. After an hour, I was released. The entire ordeal raises serious concerns. I informed them that detaining a journalist on their premises without a reason or opportunity to provide a statement is a clear violation of press freedom.”

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