Journalist, Rufai Oseni Escapes Assault From Political Party Supporters

  • PublishedNovember 15, 2022

Popular journalist, Rufai Oseni has taken to his social media to disclose how he evaded being assaulted by members of a political party (unnamed) in an elevator.

According to the outspoken TV Host, in a series of Tweets on Tuesday morning, people from a political party issued threats against him in an elevator.
He noted that he now faces abuses at almost everywhere he goes, adding that he won’t relent in upholding his responsibilities as a journalist.

Devising a means, Rufai said, he has learned to walk away from the abuses whenever he is being accosted by them.
He wrote, ‘‘Hearing all sorts is part of my job, but I am not deterred. My job is to help build my nation. The goal of a better nation is paramount. For me the logic of the argument is paramount.

“For me, these group of politicians will be irrelevant in the next 30 years, but what becomes of the future generations?

“The priority is to build a nation where peace and Justice shall reign.

“Abuses everywhere, people from a political party saw me and threatened me in an elevator. I just walked away, I have learnt it is not everyone you respond to.”

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