Issues & Policy: On Senator Adeleke’s Goof

Issues & Policy: On Senator Adeleke’s Goof
  • PublishedMay 25, 2018


The statement credited to the ‘dancing senator’ representing Osun West Senatorial District who is also a gubernatorial candidate under the platform of the ‘People’s Democratic Party (PDP)’, Senator Ademola Adeleke that the MKO Abiola Airport was programmed to fail by Governor Aregbesola, is not just puerile and childish, it is an unfortunate revelation of his lack of preparedness for the rigours of high office. 

In a press statement released in Ede, his home town as a response to Ogbeni Aregbesola’s answer to a question on the Airport project during the penultimate Friday’s Ogbeni Till Daybreak, Senator Adeleke asserted that Governor Aregbesola intentionally programmed the Airport project to fail and that his (Ogbeni’s) programmes lack a human face. How on earth would a whole Senator of the Federal Republic from whom an appreciable level of intelligence is expected, utter such an incoherent and ill- thought out statement?  

But we are not surprised that such a statement came out from Senator Adeleke’s mouth. Of course, it will be tantamount to crying for the moon to expect a man who, ever since he became a senator, has not demonstrated that level of intelligence, maturity and comportment expected of someone holding such an exalted position to say anything meaningful or constructive on critical issues bothering on development. For we believe in the ever apt axiom that ‘whatever the mouth says is a function of intelligence’.  

It’s imperative to state at this juncture that Ogbeni didn’t say that the MKO Abiola project failed. What Ogbeni said specifically as a response to the question on the Airport is that it is the concessionaire that failed in the agreement they signed with the state government but not that the Airport project failed. He maintained that the fact that the concessionaire failed to live up to expectations does not indicate that the Airport project has failed as efforts are still on to find an alternative to the failed concessionaire.

The fundamentals of a project which is a very much needed trajectory for sustainable development in the State of Osun are still very much intact.

We say this with all sense of sincerity as a media outfit that was present at that all-night programme and we strongly believe that anyone who will not call a spade another name can bear witness to this. 

We like to advise Senator Adeleke to be focused on the mandate given to him by his constituents and start to show quality representation which he has hitherto failed to do. Much as we believe that he has every constitutional right – just like any other qualified Osun indigene – to aspire to the number one position in the state, however, it’s erroneous for him to believe that the  spreading falsehood, engaging in politics of mudslinging and maligning the incumbent Governor is what will make him to realise his ambition. This will not help him in the least. He’s bound to fail by pursuing that trajectory. Ogbeni Aregbesola has built a legacy that will continue to endure. This is appreciated by the people of Osun state and for which posterity will judge him positively.


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