Israel Doctors Grow Bone Tissues To Treat Patients

Israel Doctors Grow Bone Tissues To Treat Patients
  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2018

Doctors in Israel have boosted about a successful first operation of its kind involving a new piece of bone grown in a lab being successfully implanted into a man’s broken shin.

The bone tissue was cultured using the patient’s own stem cells, taken from fat tissue, said Shai Meretzki, the head of Bonus Biogroup which carried out the process.

It took only two weeks to grow the new bone tissue, which was then inserted into the man’s shin.

Meretzki said surgeons wrapped muscle fibres around the new bone tissue segment to help stabilise it.

He said within two months it had developed into normal bone and bonded to the surrounding shin bone.

The 44-year-old patient, who had broken his shin bone in a bicycle accident, had initially undergone an operation to repair the damage by having a nail inserted into the bone, but the hole still remained, doctor Nimrod Rozen said at the Haemek hospital in northern Israel.



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