#Inspiration Monday: Lady Shares Shocking Story Of Her Weight Loss Journey

  • PublishedJune 4, 2018

Often times people share their testimonies on social media to encourage their friends and followers to achieve their dreams. One new story in particular has many social media users talking, as the lady shared her weight loss journey with pictures on Twitter.

Ufa Dania wrote;

Generally i keep telling people its a matter of people personally convicted to wanting to change Not that the idea of losing weight was inflicted on you by someone perhaps they called you fat or something

So for me, All my life i was always the fat kid Fattest in the class; in the whole school and I just graduated from high school in July of 2016 and I gave myself a gap year. Thats till 2017 December. I didn’t start my journey till January of last year;

And i just did what I’ve always been hearing people say you should do Exercise and eat right I never really did a diet I was just true to myself and stopped eating things that i shouldn’t I.e bread, cake, pizza, pancakes etc

For my first three months this is coming from a girl that everyday, i had to drink tea and bread. And not just normal tea all those really thick teas with alot of milk and milo So for the first 3 months i cut off tea and bread Swallow, yam And I ate little to no rice

I love my spaghetti so i kept on eating those lol I toook a lot of oats and cereal Alot of chicken I also wasn’t a vegetable fan but I just forced myself to eat the one I can eat, like greenbeans and carrot and maybe cabbage

But as for cucumber, lettuce and forcing yourself to drink bitter leaf water Omo all of that I didn’t stress myself

Exercises helped a lot, Food is really good and is the basis but it can only get you so far. The exercise is just a kick in start Makes everything smoother Since i had a year on my side to waste I enrolled in a gym.

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