Chris Bode Commends Services Improvement At LUTH

Chris Bode Commends Services Improvement At LUTH
  • PublishedOctober 25, 2017

The Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Management board has rewarded dozens of it staffs during the weekend, remarking that services at the Federal tertiary hospital have improved significantly with more patients including Very Important Persons, VIPs accessing care at the hospital.

Mr bode addressing the workers spoke during the presentation to officially close the week-long activity to mark the 2017 LUTH Day, the Chief Medical Director, Prof Chris Bode said many facilities in the hospital are in dire need of urgent rehabilitation after 56 years of consistent services.

However, Mr bode said, when workers are encouraged and equipped, the result is usually tremendous and the story in LUTH in the past two years confirmed it.

“For the first time in 12 years, LUTH workers did not go on strike in a stretch of one year, except for the recent skirmish we had recently.

Most of the workers dedicated themselves to do better and we have achieved a lot in the last two years and that is why we are encouraging ourselves.

When we do well, let us tell ourselves the truth.”.

Bode who further noted that LUTH parades over 200 specialists, said the hospital sees 500 patients a day, compared to 200-300 seen in the past. He said the increase in patients is due to improved services and that the number of consulting rooms can no longer serve the hospital.

He called for proper funding and the need for corporate organisations and individuals help to rehabilitate the hospital’s anatomy and pathology department which is currently in bad shape.

“Most of the wards are ageing. We have about 100 consulting rooms if the place is put in order, that will reduce patients waiting time.

We have been using this institution for 56years, we have been working 24/7, The building we use for taking blood samples needs to be expanded. We have more than 60 consulting rooms, it used to be enough but now doctors wait for others to finish so that they too can consult.

We want to build another 50-60 rooms so that doctors can consult as many patients as they can.” Bode who noted the critical nature of health care, acknowledged the skills of LUTH health workers, adding that many patients now have confidence in them, hence, the need to recognise and encourage them.

“So today, health workers are being rewarded for excellence for performing exceptionally well.

“We are proud of you. This administration is lucky to have such an incredible workers like you. You ensured that patients got treated and maintain continuity of services, more surgeries are done, all these were done with your efforts. Yes, challenges may come but let us see them as a stepping stone to higher grounds.”

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