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Ikirun Devt.Vanguard Warns Against “Imposition” of Akadiri as Akinrun

Ikirun Devt.Vanguard Warns Against “Imposition” of Akadiri as Akinrun
  • PublishedOctober 29, 2022

An indigenous group, Ikirun Development Vanguard, has warned against what it described as imposition of Prince Olalekan Akadri as the Akinrun of Ikirunland.

The group rejected the appointment of Akadiri as the new Akinrun, accusing Governor Adeboyega Oyetola’s administration of deliberate attempt to draw Ikirun backward.

In a statement signed by its Secretary, Wasiu Qodiri, Ikirun Development Vanguard said all responsible youths in Ikirun will continue to resist the installation of Akadiri because he’s not a popular choice.

The statement reads, “We would like to use this medium to express our displeasure over the recent Oyetola’s government’s proclamation of one Prince Akadri, also known as Pangila, as the Akinru-elect. The people of Ikirun reject this unfair and ungodly pronouncement.

“Responsible youth of Ikirun will continue to resist the imposition of Pangila on the town until the government of Mr Adegboyega Oyetola does the needful.

“We all know the royal family that should occupy the Akinrun vacant stool.

“We, the peaceful people of Ikirun, respect the rule of law and believe in fairness and justice. We’re not in a hurry to install the new Akinrun. Hence, we implore Governor Oyetola to halt the installation of Prince Akadri as we wait for the final court ruling.

“One would be marveled to ask why is the Oyetola’s administration is in a hurry to install a new Akinrun of Ikirun, when the Aree of Iree stool has been left in vacuum since many years now.

“Similarly, the ruling party (APC) Chairman, Gboyega Famodun, is also a prince of Igbajo, another town where their royal stool remains vacant. Then, why the fire brigade approach to impose anybody on the people of Ikirun? The decision that almost set the hitherto peaceful town on fire.

“The decision of Governor Adegboyega Oyetola is suspicious and an attempt to draw Ikirun, the leading town in the entire Osun Northeast backwards for many years.

“We call on our people to continue to be law abiding and sustain their peaceful protest, until we get justice for the royal family of Gboleru.”

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