Ijesaland Leaders Seek Adeleke’s Urgent Intervention On Completion Of Ilesa Water Project

Ijesaland Leaders Seek Adeleke’s Urgent Intervention On Completion Of Ilesa Water Project
  • PublishedDecember 4, 2023

Indigenes of Ijesaland under the auspices of Body of Ijesa Leaders and Societies have called on the Osun State government under the leadership of Governor Ademola Adeleke to work assiduously on the completion of the abandoned Ilesa Water Project.

The Asiwaju of Ijesaland, Yinka Fasuyi, in a letter dated June 8, 2023 and addressed to the Governor, the body urged Adeleke to urgently attend to the water project before the window of credit provided for financing the remaining component of the project elapses.

Recall that Governor Adeleke had in November 2022 suspended the consultant for the water project, Tawa Williams, over alleged mismanagement of funds meant for the project.

Adeleke said the funds earmarked for the construction of the water project was from a total loan of $106 million obtained from the Islamic Development Bank and the Federal Government of Nigeria, with $65 million and $41.94 million respectively.

He said a total of $27.073 million was expended from the IDB loan of $65 million, leaving a balance of the sum of $37.926 million. However, from the federal government loan of $41.94 million, which the consultant had converted to N12 billion, the sum of N10 billion had been purportedly spent on the project, leaving a balance of N2 billion.

Governor Adeleke therefore suspended the consultant on the account of mismanagent stating that despite the huge sum huge sums spent so far, the Ilesa water project is not yet functional and the good people of Ilesa are yet to access any.

However, the leaders of thought in Ijesaland are appealing to the state government for speedy resuscitation of the project for completion, noting that the only outstanding component delaying the project is the treatment plant.

According to the letter: “According to our findings, the only component remaining for the people of and residents of Ilesa to have unfettered access to potable water and healthy living is the water treatment plant which is the responsibility of the State Government of Osun State.

“Our findings also revealed that the Staff of the Islamic Bank of Saudi Arabia are currently on a mission to Ilesa to appraise and evaluate the status of the Ilesa Water Project as of this week.

“We are equally aware that the remaining book balance from the Islamic Bank credit is solely meant for the construction of a world-class, high grade, and long-lasting efficient Water Treatment Plant.

“Our Dear Excellency will recall that during his maiden visit to the University of Ilesa on Thursday, 9th March, 2023 (and subsequent Press Release made by his Spokesperson, Mallam Olawale Rasheed on Friday 10th March, 2023)he lamented about the delays occasioned by the Contractor in speedy completion of the project.

“Our Ijesa loving, action Governor Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke thereafter promised on the same Thursday, 9th March 2023 to the delight of all Ijesas both at home and in the diaspora when he said “We have since set up a Joint Committee with the Ministry of Water Resources. The contract will be re- advertised after an out of court settlement with all the stakeholders involved in the project, “the Governor stated.

“Our fear, our revered Excellency is that it is three months now that our enthusiasm and excitement are raised to the high heaven of attending to this our long desire in Ijesaland and to kindly remind our people- oriented Administration of our respected Excellency of his good promise to the people of Ijesaland on this Ilesa water project.

“Our fear is further heightened when our findings revealed that the deadline for the utilisation of the remainder of the total credit of $65m (Sixty-five Million US Dollars) taken from Islamic Bank of Saudi Arabia is fast approaching, Saturday 23rd December 2023. This leaves us with just six months window to utilise the same fund for the construction of the only outstanding component, which is the water treatment plant.

“Our worry is further compounded with our understanding of the workings of International Financial Institutions whereby when a credit is given out for any project and there is no drawdown (withdrawal) from the credit account over a period of time, such Financial Lender will be at liberty to cancel the remainder of the credit as the funds made available through the credit cannot be allowed to remain idle, unutilised indefinitely. We are not aware of any drawdown from this credit on the Water Treatment Plant since the commencement of the life of the incumbent State Government Administration hence, the need to passionately plead and fervently pray with our dear Action-Governor, Excellency, Senator Nurudeen.

“Ademola Jackson Adeleke not to allow this credit lapse on Saturday, 23rd December 2023 without the completion and commissioning of Ilesa Water Project through a timely award, construction, and completion of the Water Treatment Plant.

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