How Smoking Kills Slowly- Medical Professional

How Smoking Kills Slowly- Medical Professional
  • PublishedAugust 10, 2018

Although, at times, to inhale nicotine in the cigarette gives a satisfactory feeling, nevertheless, the act of smoking is injurious to health as it exposes the lungs to infection and ultimately lung cancer.

Apart from active smokers, passive smokers are the most exposed and this can be injurious to their health.

This point was revealed by Dr. Sunday Ojenuwah during a chat with this medium on the sudden increase of the rate of smokers in the country.

In his words, “Most smokers attribute their habit to many factors which include smoking being a form of relaxation, stress relieving, to keep themselves warm when it is cold and as a stimulant.

“Some see smoking as a getaway to diffusing the stress of work, family and pressure from friends”.

While discussing on the dangers of smoking, the physician stated that the dangers involved were many but the ultimate is cancer of the lungs, pharynx and mouth.

“The fellow who smoke cigarette and nicotine do it ignorantly and are not aware of the dangers involved in smoking. We are talking about the inhalation of a deadly combination of tobacco and nicotine.

“Over the years, this smoke will accumulate in the lungs and with time, this accumulation may hinder the proper functioning of the lungs.

“This is why you see most smokers begin to cough, atimes coughing up blood, manifest respiratory problems. When they cough up blood, it means the cells in the lungs are beginning to get damaged.

“Smokers usually end up with cancer of the pharynx [throat], mouth and lungs”.

He maintained that there was no other way to prevent any of the illnesses associated with smoking than to quit smoking as early as possible for smokers and for non smokers not to even start at all.

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