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Housewives, Chubby Ladies Resort to Exercises, Road Jugs

Housewives, Chubby Ladies Resort to Exercises, Road Jugs
  • PublishedApril 24, 2020

By Solomon Odeniyi

As the second phase of the total lockdown
​imposed by the State Government of Osun
​to assist in its containment strategy against the ravaging Coronavirus pandemic continues, some residents of the state have resorted to several activities to keep themselves busy and fit.

Notable among the people are housewives, chubby ladies and other women who own one businesses or the other.

They have taken to early morning exercises, especially jogging by the roadside on the major highways in the state.

Checks by OSUN DEFENDER on major roads in Osogbo, the state capital, Ede, Ile-Ife and other places in the state indicated that these women are assisted by professional trainers who coordinate routine exercises for them after jogging within a short distance.

The LAMECO-Dele-Yes Sir Roundabout to November 27 bridge to Abere route is always busy with women on early morning exercises. Same is the situation in areas such as Olaiya, Fagbewesa, Oke-Fia, Ayetoro to Stadium roundabout and sundry areas.

The development was also observed at Oke-Gada to OjaTimi, Ogberin as well as Agbonran in Ede, Lagere, OndoRoad, Sabo, Eleyele and other popular roads in Ile-Ife.

Speaking with OSUN DEFENDER, a housewife, Mrs. Biodun Ogunkanmi said she embarked on early morning jogging to burn calories and keep herself fit during the lockdown period.

Ogunkanmi explained that she was not used to early morning jogging but resorted to it when she could not go to work or embark on her daily business that normally takes her time and burn body fat.

She noted that her weight would have increased if she had not been jogging or doing some other exercises, as she is a chubby woman.

A lady, Kehinde Omowumi in a chat with OSUN DEFENDER ascribed the reason for her early morning jogging and other exercises to boredom.

Omowumi said the opportunity to go out has helped her to keep fit, meet new friends and take time to unwind from the effects of the lockdown order.

She said “Normally, I go out very early on weekdays and most times, I am also busy on weekends. I don’t even have the time to be less busy or available to connect with new people. With the current situation, I have rescheduled my daily activities to early morning exercises, taking care of the family, going on social media to look out for updates on COVID-19 among others.

“The lockdown has provided me with plenty time to do the things I have not been able to do before and you know what; I’m enjoying it. Working out and doing exercises is now a daily routine which I hope to sustain after the current sit-at-home policy.”

A chubby lady, who was accosted by OSUN DEFENDER en-route November 27 Inter-change Bridge from Ogo-Oluwa axis of the state capital, RomokeAdegoke, said that she is prone to adding more weight, if she continues sitting at home without doing anything.

Romoke posited that the lockdown has afforded her a premise to shed weight and look sharp for the hustle and bustle that will resume after the COVID-19 crisis and that she intended to optimize the window provided to take care of things she had wanted to do before the total shutdown of the state commenced.

She said: “I have always wanted to jog and reduce my weight. I was getting chubbier everyday and felt I should reduce my body size a bit. I had been planning to do this since 2018 but I had not been chanced due to the commitments at work.

“Now that I have the time, I must put it in good use. I got a trainer. He and myself will leave home by 6:30am and return a few minutes past 9am. It is very helpful for my weight loss because we have been committed to it.

“I encourage many chubby women to come out and exercise. It is fun, interesting and beneficial to the body. Sitting at home, eating, sleeping and watching movies will make one add excess fat. That is the more essence why I have to exercise myself everyday to avoid turning into an obese.”

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