Health Worker’s Strike Kills Kenyan Actress

Health Worker’s Strike Kills Kenyan Actress
  • PublishedSeptember 20, 2017

Kenya went into mourning as one of their most popular actresses, Maureen Wanza died due to complications from childbirth at the Kilifi County, Kenya on Tuesday, September 19th as public health workers in the country continue to strike.

According to reports, Maureen Wanza who is most popular for her role as Sasha from the hit local show ‘Sumi’ that airs on Citizen TV, bled to death while giving birth and unfortunately, she also lost her child. Mrs Wanza was rushed to the hospital after developing complications but sadly didn’t make it.

Unfortunately, both the mother and the child did not survive and people have blamed the health care workers for neglecting their duty posts instead of saving lives.

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