If Gordon Obuah Is Dead, Expect Reactions, By Chioma Obi

If Gordon Obuah Is Dead, Expect Reactions, By Chioma Obi
  • PublishedApril 16, 2017

The information contained herein can affect your mood in a terrible manner.

Deacon Sunday Ojeme commented today, April 14th, 2017, on the news posted by Tolu Meduna, about the unconfirmed “heart attack” suffered by the former CSO to Jonathan, Mr. Gordon Obua:

“One of those who turned Jonathan’s simplicity into a simpleton. Obuah so abused the trust Jonathan had in him that he would forge the ex_President’s signature and collect money from wherever he liked.”

Please, whoever knows Deacon Sunday Ojeme on facebook or real life should kindly beg him to desist from such wicked comments about the former CSO. I’m not after the veracity or not of his claim. I’m only pained that he had to wait until Gordon’s unconfirmed “departure” before going public with his wealth of knowledge about the extent of sleaze inside GEJ’s bedroom.

That is called Cowardice. GEJ is alive and must have been told about my many uncomplimentary remarks about him. I even campaigned ferociously against his re-election for 2 years, while he was a sitting President. I was detained in a Guard Room at a military cantonment in Abuja for 6days and 6nights without food or water, while GEJ was in power. Yet no charge or offense stated.

This is the very first time I’m going public with the above fact. My lawyer, Barrister Mbanefo Ikwegbue of Pelican Chambers, Abuja, wrote the military demanding N12m as damages after my release. The military, under my brother, General Azubuike Ihejirika, as Chief of Army Staff, replied that we should please defer legal action to enable them to investigate what happened and resolve the issue out of court. Till date, the military is yet to get back to us despite all the assurances. I refused to write the withdrawal from legal process for weeks. My wife had to write it and sign and submit to the authorities just to please them. Nothing heard from the military since then. They broke their promises made through the office of the Provost Marshal of the Nigerian Army, Maj Gen YD Pyeng, at the Military Police Headquarters in Abuja, in the presence of my lawyer, my wife, then Col HPZ Vintenaba and then Lt Col KC Okoro , all of the military police, who investigated the matter.

General Ihejirika, under whose watch that abomination took place, knew me in person for many years. He was not only a personal senior friend right from his stay in Bonny Camp, Lagos, as a Colonel (i was a Captain then) but we also did some good things together. He assisted me immensely at a time i needed to get out of my military unit in Kano for my safety in 2002. I had assisted him willingly at a time he needed a bridge to enlist the support of his State Governor in his climb up the ladder. I had introduced him to his state Governor and facilitated their very first meeting in Lagos. When he was named COAS I rejoiced greatly. I never knew i would suffer the worst humiliation of my life during his tenure.

No Hausa-Fulani man has ever treated me that way. Yet I worked for GEJ who appointed Gen Ihejirika, until I saw some things and left the job on November 1st 2011. I worked very closely with the former CSO Gordon Obua, who is now being rumored as dead for the second time in just two years.

On September 17th, 2010, being the eve of GEJ’s declaration for the 2011 Presidential Election, i stayed awake at the Eagle Square, Abuja, with my boys from 10 pm to 6 am, just to secure the place. The CSO was so busy that he couldn’t cover everywhere, so I stood in for him as his right-hand man. I worked independently from the DSS Operatives on ground.

I was there with the ADC, Colonel Adegbe, who stood on his feet till about 2 am of September 18th, 2010, on the newly constructed podium. Senator Emma Anosike also worked very hard that night. As at 2.30am, September 2010, almost every political appointee had left the EAGLE SQUARE after the usual “eye service”. But the ADC remained there standing on his feet. I remained there standing and searching the whole place including the toilets. Senator Anosike, Anambra North, also remained there. By 3 am the ADC had to go and rest a little to prepare for the day’s event. By 4am not even the DSS could stay. Everybody needed a quick bath, a little sleep, to rush back by 6am.

But I had to stay there until 7am with my team. No sleep, no bath, no rest. Just to ensure GEJ’s event went without any ugly surprises. My complimentary card in those days was the Presidential Villa standard card with the Coat of Arms and 36 stars:

Major Ken Chioma Obi Rtd
Special Duties
Office of the President, Commander-In-Chief
Aso Rock Villa, Abuja

A lot of people in Abuja who came across me on duty in those days still have that card. It opened doors for many. Employment, access, sundry assistance etc.

Yet after we won the 2011 Presidential Election, i had to walk away from GEJ and his govt. The Chief of Army Staff had to look the other way while junior officers humiliated me inside a Guard Room meant for other ranks for no reason. No offence, no allegation. Just my zeal to ensure that the PROPER THING was done to secure Nigeria. I have it fully covered in my yet-to-be-published book kept overseas with trusted associates.

I knew the Boko Haram bombings in Abuja was unnecessary. I knew the grievances of Boko Haram could be addressed. I knew that people in high places had turned the whole counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism war into a money making machinery. I was there when my counterparts in Aso Rock Villa started buying houses in Maitama and Asokoro for N900m, N1.2bn etc. Somebody i worked directly with, ordered the latest model of Mercedes-Benz bulletproof jeeps at N74m apiece, right in my front.

People who used to find it difficult with me, to pay for our meals at Command Guest House, Abuja, suddenly bought brand new cars the same week. I know them and they know me. We’re all still in Abuja. I wasn’t so holy that i shunned corrupt money or the massive looting. No. It just happened that most people saw me as ” a Mad Major”, who was too “radical” to be brought into “the fold”. My salary was N100k per month in line with my job designation as PA-SSA (SD), Aso Rock Villa. It’s a lowly but very sensitive job. I became the first Nigerian of the rank of Major to have accepted such a job with such a pay and no other fixed benefits.

I came to work driving my own very old but clean Mercedes V-BOOT. I was using my own laptop to do official paperwork for over 6months. I lived in a Boys’ Quarters at the back of the Maitama home of my immediate boss and shared the one room with two other staff. At times we took turns sleeping on the floor and giving the small bed to the other.

Why did I accept all the above?

I loved this country so much. I loved GEJ and wanted him to succeed. For the very first time, the minorities had produced a President, organisation and I felt he could unite the whole country. He didn’t have any experience for such a deadly seat as being Nigeria’s President, but i had the “experience” he lacked. I had worked under General Abacha, right under the nose of the most powerful and most intelligent CSO-Head of State Nigeria ever produced, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, and he taught us a lot.

I also had the privilege of working under one of the most successful Presidents Nigeria ever produced; Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. I was, in 2005, appointed the Security Adviser Nationwide,organization foundedd in Ota Farm, through which GEJ passed to emerge Deputy Governor in Bayelsa. ISO has produced many Governors, Ministers, Senators till date.

I had access to the military mafia which GEJ didn’t know and couldn’t understand. I could go to them to plead for support anytime. They knew me and i knew them.

In January 2011, just about 3months to the April 2011 Presidential elections, i was “on my knees” in a house in Asokoro begging the POWERS THAT BE IN NIGERIA to please pity GEJ and support him to win th e election and forgive all his weaknesses in not knowing how to “communicate” or “relate very well”. They gave me their condition. I promised on behalf of the President that he would visit that same house that week to show respect. If you think this is a fairy tale, the current Senate President was in the same house and met me there (but not part of the discussion, because the big man saw him off before meeting with me in total privacy). I left there a very happy man that finally we were going to get the sincere support of the POWERS THAT BE and avert any bloodshed in electing GEJ as President from Acting President.

They didn’t ask for much. They didn’t mention money. Just courtesy. Some form of unspoken code bordering on “homage”. They had assisted him immensely in the past, when he was an “oppressed”, sidelined and financially castrated Deputy Governor in Bayelsa State. This particular VIP told me how many times he had to fly to Niger Delta at the cry of GEJ, just to settle quarrels between GEJ and his boss and request some more privileges for the embattled Deputy Governor. Before leaving, he would also give him raw cash to encourage him to remain calm. Yet the moment he became President, he felt he couldn’t listen to anybody again. This was at a time that BABA OBJ’s issues with GEJ had not gone public. BABA’s public letter bombs came years later as GEJ frantically sought for a second term.

We Continue This Piece later

Suffice to say that the moment i left the VIPs house in AsokIro, i called the PA to President GEJ, Mr. Patrick Daziba. I told him to info Mr President that I had just won a major political battle. That GEJ should visit his former senior friend unfailingly that week, without any crowd. I gave the particular address since the VIP has many homes and many wives. I reserve what Patrick told me. Patrick Daziba is still alive in this country and knows whom i’m talking about. They didn’t seize that opportunity. They were inexperienced but also couldn’t value the expert advise of experienced people like us. I was a lowly retired Major, occupying a lowly seat in the Office of the President, with a lowly pay, a lowly car and a lowly accommodation. I was NEVER invited during any major “sharing” business and owned no home anywhere in Maitama or Asokoro. So what the hell did I know?

After the 2011 election, there was violence in Kaduna and a lot of people died. Up till now, the Kaduna Governor is attributing the genocide against the people of Southern Kaduna to the death of some Fulanis who were killed during the post-election violence. Revenge of any Fulani death anywhere is a must according to him. He said he has paid them to stop killing since their fellow Fulani is now the Governor. So what happened to the former Governor? Oh, he exploded in a helicopter. Prince Arthur Eze flew in the same helicopter that day during a burial occasion in Bayelsa. Arthur Eze, alias Ozoigbondu, is still alive and can easily be reached. Gen Gowon had also been offered a ride in the same helicopter earlier that day, but he declined. Ask Gen Gowon if this is true or false!

The former NSA to GEJ, Gen Andrew Azazi Rtd, also crashed in same helicopter. He was the one that made a bold statement that PDP was responsible for the Boko Haram terrorism in Nigeria. I was in ASABA, Delta State when he made that statement that shook Aso Rock during a political meeting in Asaba. Afterward, this NSA traveled to the USA. He crashed within a month of his return to Nigeria.

A former security aide of Mama Peace was shot dead in his car after they handed over power to APC. The ADC, the dutiful ADC to GEJ, who was my junior in Nigerian Defence Academy, was “quizzed” briefly. My good friend and brother, Gordon Obua, former CSO to GEJ, was rumored dead. In fact, he was published as having died in DSS detention. The DG DSS had to make a bold move to debunk that wicked rumour by bringing him on live TV to make a statement ! Now he’s dead again within two years or is he ??

Former Gov Alams was reported to have died of the same popular “heart attack” just within 3 days of media reports that Scotland Yard was going to re-open his case. GEJ had granted his former boss a Presidential pardon but perhaps that doesn’t concern Britain. Immediately GEJ left power, some interest groups started digging up the files again in UK. Now the sum of $43m dollars has been uncovered in an apartment in Ikoyi, LAGOS. First, the former Director of Operations, NNPC, our Madam with a special haircut, denied being the owner of the money. Then the former PDP Chairman, who had disappeared from Nigeria even before they finished counting the votes of the last election ( he even left before GEJ’S famous phone call to GMB) denied ownership of the building. Then he later recanted and amended the statement. He couldn’t remember who he sold the property to. Too much money !! Meanwhile,I’m trekking in Abuja with my family without a single car for the past 5 years.

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