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Girls, February 14 Could Derail Your Destiny By Temilolu Okeowo

Girls, February 14 Could Derail Your Destiny By Temilolu Okeowo
  • PublishedFebruary 10, 2018

My darling, precious, glorious, dignified, world-famous and heavenly celebrated Nigerian sisters,

I can read your mind on this topic. Your thoughts are likely to be “Hmm…Aunty Temi has come again o!” Yes, I have come again to declutter your heart on what may have a negative influence on your life and set you on a ruinous path.

Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated by lovers all over the world on February 14. If you asked me, I’d say you have no business “carrying it on your head.” Right now, a lot of you are heartbroken that your greatest love or crush isn’t sparing you a thought for that day, some of you are giddy with excitement at the gift you are getting from your lover, some of you have stolen money from your parents to buy gifts, while some of you can’t wait to have your first kiss. Some of you can’t even wait to taste the forbidden fruit on that day and get deflowered! How I pity you, your parents and your future about to be stolen by the devil because of some silly feeling. To worsen matters, a good number of private schools also encourage the celebration of Valentine’s Day. I read about a 5-year-old girl in Lagos whose request during her family morning devotion was that God should let a certain boy in her class choose her as his valentine! Can you imagine that? Encouraging crazy thoughts of love in a 5-year-old; if you asked me, I’d say that’s child abuse!

In your impressionable and teen age, you have so much energy, passion and gusto to do everything you fancy. You have a vivid imagination and an enormous power to do exploit. Now, what happens when all this energy is channelled towards the wrong things? Did you know that your teen years are the years that will determine how your entire life would go? Did you know your childhood dreams of achieving extraordinary feats are seeds of greatness sowed into you by God? Did you know that the devil – our common enemy targets bright stars in their teens and confuses them so they can never fulfil their glorious destiny? And guess what? We are all stars, distinguished with different sterling qualities to shine amongst billions in the world and leave our footprints on the sands of time.

Even if you are facing so much hardship in life today because of your parent’s financial inadequacies, do you or your parents have the faintest idea of the magnitude of your greatness in future if only you can concentrate all of your energy on your innate skills and talents?

I’ve emphasised over and over again that having a romantic relationship in your teenage years is a huge distraction, in fact a satanic one. Your teen age is the most delicate and important in your entire life. It is the age when you should lay a solid foundation for the future academically, spiritually and psychologically and sadly, a lot of parents are not helping matters. Those who wish to help matters are further frustrated by the madness of the social media. It is normal for you to have a crush in your early teens because you are becoming aware of the world around you and are generally curious about everything and also want to experiment, but you shouldn’t allow it to grow. It would cause you sleepless nights, affect your grades and before you know it, your heart gets broken and who knows what that may cause? Who knows if you are destined to shine as a medical doctor then your heartbreak gives you low grades which push you to the Arts class! Am I making sense?

Just because a boy you fancy has threatened to dump you and “val” another girl in your class because you don’t want to have sex with him, you have finally decided to let him have his way this weekend so you won’t miss out on being his valentine! Good grief! See, no matter what your G.O. tells you, once that happens; your life can never be the same again. In fact, your life will be opened up to demonic invasion. Once a life has been contaminated or polluted by sexual intercourse with the wrong person, it can only take the special intervention and mercy of God to live a trouble-free life and fulfil destiny. Why the rush? Why don’t you make the most of now, preserve your purity, virtues, your energy and gather enormous power that would make you one of a very special kind in the world and then have enough wisdom and spiritual intelligence to marry the best man in the world and enjoy all the sex like there’s nothing else to do! May God open up your understanding!

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