Funding For Infrastructure Plan Will Have No Negative Impact On Workers’ Welfare – Adeleke

Funding For Infrastructure Plan Will Have No Negative Impact On Workers’ Welfare – Adeleke
  • PublishedNovember 8, 2023

Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke has allayed the fear of citizens of the state stating that funding for the infrastructure plan of his administration to construct flyovers will have no negative impact on the welfare of workers.

Adeleke gave the assurance on Wednesday, during the flag off of Pensioners’ enrolment for Health Insurance Scheme, held at the government secretariat, Abeere.

The governor said pensioner’s enrolment was informed after situational review conducted on the living conditions of the retirees discovered that they battle health challenges.

He noted that the programme is first of its kind in the state and a proof of Adeleke’s administration to intervene on workers welfare to meet their desires and aspirations.

Accoding to him: “Our administration conducted a situational review of the living conditions of our pensioners. We discover that the critical problem is not just unpaid pensions. Even when paid regularly , the bulk of the fund goes into managing health challenges. Our report concluded that almost eighty percent of pensioners’ problem centers around health questions.

“It was at this point that we decided to address the root cause. We opted to meet our senior citizens at their point of needs. It is gratifying to note that this programme is the first of its kind. This is a direct intervention to prove that the government can indeed meet the desires and aspirations of the people.

“Our dear senior citizens, let me report that on a daily basis, I think out of the box to find solutions to our aspirations and demands. It was in that line we unveiled the multi-billion naira infra plan for the state. I appreciate the wide acceptance of the plan by the good people of Osun state.

“Allow me to allay the fears of workers and pensioners. The funding for the infra plan will have no negative impact on workers’ welfare. I have proved that fact today by launching this health insurance scheme for our pensioners”.

He also urged the retirees to sieze the opportunity by availing themselves for the enrollment.

“There are at least 19,000 (Nineteen Thousand) pensioners in Osun. All of them will be enrolled into this scheme. Please take advantage of this by availing yourself for this enrollment,” he added.

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