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FUNAAB Launches Nigeria’s First Gender Policy

FUNAAB Launches Nigeria’s First Gender Policy
  • PublishedNovember 29, 2022

The Federal Agricultural University of Abeokuta (FUNAAB) launched its first gender policy in Nigeria on Tuesday.

FUNAAB Gender Policy Review Board Chair Petra Saghir said the policy was launched to improve the performance and development of the system.

Saghir explained that gender-insensitive agencies would continue to hold their best hands in place.

She spoke at a stakeholder workshop on “FUNAAB’s Gender Responsiveness in Agricultural Research for Improved Institutional Outcomes and Development” held on the school grounds in Abeokuta.

She said there are gender-related initiatives and women’s empowerment initiatives, and that gender sensitivity is different from women’s empowerment.

“In environments where male children need more focus, you focus on them, but if it’s women who need support, you focus on women too, so those are gender-sensitive initiatives.

“Many men advocate for women’s empowerment because they know that peace in the home definitely brings peace.

“FUNAAB occupies a very strategic and central position to the benefit of all other institutions. We are able to develop institutional capacity to address these policy issues.

“Gender is not something to take lightly, because if you’re not careful, you can step on your toes and do things that normal people don’t understand,” she said.

Saghir explained that the same opportunities given to male children should be extended to their female counterparts, adding that gender balance, equity and justice should always be encouraged. I was.

In his remarks, the institution’s acting vice-chancellor, Prof. Olusola Kehinde, said the institution remains a sector leader in gender equality.

Kehinde added that the institution has a long history of championing efforts to increase women’s representation in leadership roles.

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