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FG Has Launched Attack On Right To Dignity – OCSC

FG Has Launched Attack On Right To Dignity – OCSC
  • PublishedDecember 10, 2023

Osun Civil Societies Coalition (OCSC), the umbrella body of civil societies groups in Osun State, has chided the Federal Government for the worsening economic situation of country, which it said it is deriding Nigerians’ right to dignity.

The OCSC said the FG deliberately launched an attack on the dignity of Nigerians by subjecting them to hardship through the fuel subsidy removal and devaluation of the Naira.

According to the coalition, poverty and hunger which are weapons in the hand of the government and politicians have taken away the right to dignity of majority of Nigerians.

The OCSC stated this in a statement issued and signed by its Chairman, Comrade Waheed Lawal, to mark this year’s World Human Rights Day, on Sunday.

The statement reads: “The federal government has unleashed attacks on the rights of Nigerians to dignity through fuel subsidy removal, devaluation of the naira and the worsening economy.

“Right to dignity is a fundamental human right, but the government is robbing Nigerians of their various dignity with high cost of living brought about by the unchecked hyperinflation.

“The effects of the inflation scourge are more evident on the poorest of the poor of the country where malnutrition and hunger rates are surging daily as millions of children roam the streets in search of food.

“Nigerians have been struggling to survive, and it is worrisome that the political leaders and government functionaries are not ready to cut the cost of governance and share in the pain.

“The worsening cost-of-living crisis is causing a decline in living standards, which is hurting physical and mental health and as well worsening existing conditions.

“As a constitutional matter, the Federal Government should genuinely address all the issues mitigating the social well-being of Nigerians. As it stands today, the government is failing in its constitutional duty of ensuring security and social wellbeing of the citizens.

“The current economic realities have sparked more calls for the government to ease the nation’s cost-of-living crisis and put the brakes on rising prices by cutting down on the cost of governance.”

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