Fake World Cup Trophies Used To Smuggle Drugs Discovered

Fake World Cup Trophies Used To Smuggle Drugs Discovered
  • PublishedJune 25, 2018

Four men and two women have been arrested by Argentine authorities with marijuana and cocaine inside fake World Cup trophies.

Authorities carried out a raid on Friday in Isidro Casanova in La Matanza Partido, Greater Buenos Aires, where they discovered 20 kilos of marijuana, 10 kilos of cocaine, 1,800 doses of crack-cocaine hidden within the replicas.

The Officers also seized two firearms, a couple of vehicles, and 400,000 Argentine pesos $14,819 during the raid. The authorities said the alleged drug trafficking ring named  “Narcos de la Copa” attempted to cash in on the 2018 World Cup by taking advantage of the global merchandising boom to move the drug outside the country without raising suspicions.

In a statement by Buenos Aires Security MinisterCristian Ritondo, he confirmed the suspects have been jailed.

“These merchants of death have endless ingenuity, but don’t be fooled. They shouldn’t be admired. On the contrary . . . they are now in jail,”

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