Environmentalist Says Open Defecation Still Thrives In Osun

Environmentalist Says Open Defecation Still Thrives In Osun
  • PublishedNovember 27, 2018

By Sola Jacobs

As the world marks world health Day, open defecation still thrives in some parts of the state of Osun, despite government efforts to stamp it out.

An environment enthusiast, Mr. Opefoluwa Ademiju revealed in a chat with Osun Defender.

The environment enthusiast said that over 49 million Nigerians still practice open defecation which made it ranked second in the world, saying, the practice says volume about unhygienic environment that thrives in the country, which promotes environmental degradation and epidemic.

Speaking further, he said, open defecation is not only limited to villages but also in major cities where many residences do not have conveniences.

He also lamented unavailability of conveniences in public places and offices such as motor parks, rail station before the administration of Aregbesola but the 90 days emergency declared at the inception of his administration coupled with his environmental policy ameliorate the situation.

He stated further that the administration of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola made concerted efforts to build conveniences in public places but was sabotaged by some individuals in the party.

Example is the building of conveniences in markets across the state, which was supervised by RUWESA in the state, but nothing was heard from the contractors, some executed the project while others abandoned it”.

He stated further that many of the toilets built and commissioned by the government are under locks and keys as the communities where they are located did not open it for use as they fear that it may not be properly used by residents.

He opined that there is need for proper collaboration among residents in area where government cited those facilities, so as to ensure proper usage.

Mr Ademiju also solicited building of toilet in villages across the state as residents defecate in open waters which serve as drinking water for them at the same time.

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