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Engine Birdstrike Delays Qatar Airways Flight Bound For Doha

Engine Birdstrike Delays Qatar Airways Flight Bound For Doha
  • PublishedFebruary 10, 2017

The national carrier of Qatar was yesterday delayed for over two hours at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, when a bird was sucked into one of its engine turbines.

The flight QR 1408  from Lagos to Doha was cleared for takeoff, and was about to pick momentum for takeoff, when a bird was sucked into the engine. The aircraft taxied back to stand where it was examined by engineers and later certified for take-off.

Speaking to one of the managers and a senior engineer of the airline, Engr. Isaiah Adekanye, he said that the incidence is not abnormal, as it happens to planes all the time. In his words, he said “Yesterday, our Doha bound flight had an Engine Bird-strike on Takeoff.  Aircraft taxied back to stand and departed for Doha after Inspection and certification by the engineers. The aircraft has since arrived in Doha. Engine Bird-strikes happen all the time, and is not an unusual or abnormal thing. Our engineers are experienced in such cases, and they did the right thing, by inspecting the engine for impacts and confirming that there was no damage done to the engine”.

The flight which was earlier scheduled for 2:45pm eventually took-off at 5:16pm and arrived Doha at 1:39am as against its scheduled 11:35 arrival.


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