Eid-Kabir: Need To Be Security Conscious

Eid-Kabir: Need To Be Security Conscious
  • PublishedSeptember 1, 2017

This festive period has always been a period when joy, peace, happiness are shared amongst friends and families. It a period when there is so much love to share, so much fun to have and so much gifts and blessings to receive. The period is not limited to adult, children also having fun.

I could remember when we were small, we used to go from one family friend’s house to another to pay them visit and of course receive gift, known as “Owo Odun”.

During this period, children are seen everywhere going from one place to another with their peers either to showcase their beautiful clothes or pay their loved ones visit and also to have fun. While children are in the mood of festivity, it does not exclude adults as they are also seen in , entertainment venues, especially the fun lovers.

However, during this period, parents rarely have time for their children, as they are always busy receiving visitors and cooking. Some parents even go to the extent of sending their children to some relatives without proper monitoring.

As the Ileya festival is being celebrated, we should not be unaware of the work of evil perpetrators such as kidnappers and ritual killers. The evil act is now so rampant in the society that it is already becoming the norms of the society.

I believe such act should not be encouraged or even allowed in the society. In order to curb such evil practices and to celebrate the Ileya festival in peace and joy as it is meant to be celebrated; parents and security operatives should be security conscious.

Parents are advised to look after their children and should be conscious of what is going on in their environment.

Security operatives such as DSS, SARS, and Police should also be vigilant. Security operatives should be deployed to different areas where children are having fun and some strategic places in the state.


  • Taiwo Adeyemi, Osogbo.

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