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EDITORIAL: A Charade – Oyetola’s ‘Election’

EDITORIAL: A Charade – Oyetola’s ‘Election’
  • PublishedAugust 19, 2022


THIS newspaper set up to “put the people first” did not deploy the power of clairvoyance when a few editions ago we made a clarion call that Nigeria at all levels needs a transition law to guide the change of baton between incoming and outgoing governments.

This is commonsense because democracy itself as a result of decades of military interruptions is yet to be fully solidified. Even countries with long-established democracies such as the USA and Mexico have transition laws and processes to oversee smooth changeovers of administrations. Given the nature of the human condition as well as the turbulent twists and turns of partisan politics, this is a sensible precaution. 

In the absence of a Transition Law, the chickens have predictably come home to roost in the State of Osun. Nothing manifests this more than calling a local government election in the twilight hours of the lacklustre government headed by Adeboyega Oyetola. 

Oyetola’s order of priority is revealing. Neither opportunity costs or costs and benefits can possibly just a local government election now. Elections costs money and all of the sub-nationals in this country are facing excruciating fiscal strait jackets and the State of Osun is not an exception.

It is doubtful that there is an appropriation in the current budget to back the election, let alone justify financial expenditure on this exercise.

It is obviously too late in the day to stop this charade even though there are doubts about its legal validity. A judicial review can be sought but that will take time and it will cost money.

Oyetola’s ‘elections’ should be boycotted and deprived of legitimacy. The process is self-serving, fiscally reckless, and indicates a disdain for democratic values. 

With this in mind, we reiterate once again our demand for transition laws at all levels to guide and guard our democracy which itself is still developing.

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