EDITORIA: Imbibing The Modicum Of Ethical Values And Morals

  • PublishedJuly 31, 2017

“By words the mind is winged”  – Aristophanes.

Axiomatic enough, the root of our everyday facet of societal degradation is the loss of ethical values and morals. And to be positively functional again like we used to, we have to improve on our dysfunctionalities in all ramifications. We have to enhance life and propagate human values with communal living our indigenous crusader of love, which is a panacea to all our worldly problems for the spiritual ones to those who believed can be solved with prayers. We have to bring in new developments and ethical re-orientation of our already bastardised socio-cultural values.

It is our duty to in our right frame of mind juxtapose words we are fed with. We must learn to process words with our analytical mind by deconstructing them and subject them to logical criticism. Failure to do this leads to taking words/news hook, line and sinker, for our mind is already winged when we allow our analytical mind to go on recess, then we no longer can discern what is morally right or wrong from that which is morally acceptable or not.

We have to embrace what is ours by imbibing modicum of ethical values and morals for a lasting euphoria, peace and tranquility which are the determinants we are unconscious of that leads to a nation’s growth and success. The world at large needs to inculcate these virtues.

Without much ado, pronouncing change(s) would only be a risible effort if there is no effective follow up and the right intrinsic motivation for a change in the people to embrace these virtues. To be free from the “Prison house of our growth”, every individual must begin to see himself as his own industry.

Also, parents and guardians, teachers, religious leaders, etc should individually be a self-designated virtuous model that can be emulated by the youth, the hopeful future of tomorrow regardless of the settings we find ourselves.

We are who we are not with our present status, the level of moral decadence and other social vices but with the history we become.

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