Easter: Let’s Restore Love To Our Country, Rep. Salam Charges Nigerians

Easter: Let’s Restore Love To Our Country, Rep. Salam Charges Nigerians
  • PublishedApril 4, 2021


As Christians all over the world celebrate the Easter, a call has been made to Nigerians to use the occasion of the festival to restore love and harmony amongst people of different economic, social and religious tribal strata of the society.

In message on the occasion of the Easter celebration, the member of the National Assembly representing the people of Ede north, Ede south, Egbedore and Ejigbo federal constituency of Osun state, Representative Bamidele Salam emphasis the central message of the Easter celebration which is the unparalleled love that Jesus Christ showed to humanity by offering to die for the remission of our sins.

According to the lawmaker, no race, culture or faith will be meaningful if the message of LOVE is not central to its philosophy.

While noting that the divisions, suspicion, insecurity and strife in different parts of Nigeria are mainly caused by gradual erosion of trust and love, Rep. Salam admonished religious leaders to reflect the teachings of all prophets on righteousness, peace and love in their sermons and public conducts.

“Leaders who love will not oppress their followers, while the followers who love will not undermine the authority of leaders. The rich who love will carter for the needs of the poor while the poor whose heart is rooted in LOVE will not wish evil for those he considers rich”, he added.

Rep. Salam stressed that when God saw a growing hopelessness occassioned on the people He created and how they were wallowing in darkness in addition to suffering from one problem to another, He showed LOVE to them by salvaging the situation through Jesus Christ.

While joining Christians all over the world to celebrate the death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ, Rep. Salam prayed that the God who gave Jesus Christ the power of victory over death will grant victory to everyone in all the battles they may be undergoing.

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