DSS Vows To Respect Rule Of Law, Support Democratic Institutions

DSS Vows To Respect Rule Of Law, Support Democratic Institutions
  • PublishedSeptember 5, 2018

The Department of State Services (DSS) says it is committed to carrying out its duty in accordance with the nation’s Constitution and global practices.

The service said this in a statement on Wednesday by its spokesperson, Peter Afunanya.

“The Service, as an institution of Government will continue to carry out legitimate orders, support democratic institutions, respect the rule of law and protect the citizens in line with global practices and Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs) in intelligence gathering and law enforcement,” it said.

The DSS, however, warned those it described as ‘dark forces’ against bringing it into a collision with the government it was meant to serve diligently.

It condemned some reports against it, stressing that it has remained a committed service with a focus on the stability and security of the nation.

The DSS insisted that over the years, it has been known to be both a strategic stabiliser and a unifying factor in the Nigerian project.

It said that rather than making such reports, it deserved to be supported by all stakeholders to play the expected role in a democracy.

“Only a professionally driven DSS can support and consolidate Nigeria’s democracy,” the agency said. “Though Intelligence Services world over operates covertly, it is also held accountable in a democratic practice. To accomplish this, they design strategic alliances with partners and stakeholders.”

The DSS identified the media as one of such partners and urged them to be cautious while reporting issues of national security to avoid a breach of peace.

It also warned against deliberate efforts by self-serving interests to bring the Service to ridicule, saying no country can afford to undermine its own security forces.

The Service said it remained undaunted and would pursue noble goals only meant to uphold integrity in security and intelligence governance which it said was a global trend for accountability.

It asked Its personnel across various Commands and Formations to be calm in the discharge of their duties.

The DSS said has remained of the few institutions in the country that has “exhibited unquestionable oneness and commonality of purpose” in advancing the nation’s interest.

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