DJ Killed At Atmosphere Festival In Brazil

DJ Killed At Atmosphere Festival In Brazil
  • PublishedDecember 19, 2017

A 30-year-old DJ was killed at the Atmosphere Festival in Brazil and three other people were injured after high winds caused the stage to collapse.

It was reported that DJ Kaleb Freitas was performing Sunday when the stage suddenly destructed at about 2 p.m local time. Revellers captured the horrifying moment the metal structure over the stage came down during a storm at the packed Atmosphere Festival in Esteio near the southern city of Porto Alegre. DJ Kaleb was rushed to hospital critically injured after suffering head injuries but died soon after arrival.

An investigation has now been launched to determine why the festival wasn’t shut down, despite the severe weather warnings about heavy wind, hail and torrential rain. There were almost 5,000 people in attendance at the festival but only three others were injured and they are expected to make a speedy recovery.

Friends of the dead man, whose real name is Kalleby Freitas da Rosa, took to Facebook today to pay tribute to the musician.

Kaka Guimaraes wrote: “You were a person of great light and your smile charmed many people. I told you that less than three weeks ago and be assured we will always remember you with a huge smile on your face. You were a spectacular man. Your smile represented peace. No-one dies while they remain in peoples’ hearts.”

Andressa Schorner added: “Angel of my heart, friendship without limits. We are selfish by nature and do not want to lose anyone but your day to go up to Heaven has come.”



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