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Deontay Wilder Traces His Roots To Nigeria

Deontay Wilder Traces His Roots To Nigeria
  • PublishedJune 21, 2021

Deontay Wilder, a former World Boxing Champion has revealed that he has traced his roots to Edo State in Nigeria.

On a viral YouTube video that went viral on Saturday, June 19, Wilder was heard saying “I want to go back and learn more about my culture and information with things about me.”

The popular boxer has never been to Nigeria but said he wants to return to Edo state in Nigeria to learn a little more about his roots.

He said, “Once I’m done with what I’m doing, I’m going back to see my tribe, Edo.

“I want to see my culture and my ancestors and learn a lot of things. We all have lots of things that we are connected to that we know nothing about. I’ll love to go there and do research about my roots and my tribe,” he added.

Tyson Fury was the one who ended his 5-year reign as the WBC heavyweight champion between 2015 and 2020,

However, Wilder will seek to reclaim his title as he takes on Fury for the third time this July.

The winner of the fight between the duo will take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Nevada on July 24 and the winner would challenge another Nigerian, Anthony Joshua.

It appears that Wilder’s realization of his roots informed his moniker, “Bronze Bomber.”

The Binis from Edo State are known for their expertise in bronze works. Many ancient Benin bronze carvings were carted away to the West during colonial raids.

In the past, Nigeria has produced boxing greats. Boxers like Dick Tiger who was an undisputed champion in middle, light, and heavyweight, and Hogan Bassey, who was also undisputed champion at featherweight.

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