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Decades After His Death, Tupac’s Murderer Found

Decades After His Death, Tupac’s Murderer Found
  • PublishedSeptember 26, 2017

Tupac Shakur was murdered in 1996 and because the case was never solved, speculations had gone on about the rapper still being alive. Two US police officers who spent years investigating the death of the Hip Hop icon, have now revealed the identity of the killer who murdered Tupac.

In a new explosive documentary Who Shot Biggie & Tupac?, Detectives Tim Bennan and Robert Ladd said a gangster member from the Crips, Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson was the killer who opened fire on the star’s car in Las Vegas in 1996 in a revenge attack.

Ladd told journalist Soledad O’Brien and rapper Ice-T: “They had all these other theories going on, but it was a really simple gang one-on-one to Tim and I. We believe Orlando Anderson was the one who did it.”

According to the officers, who worked for Compton Police Department in California, they said they had Anderson on their radar after he tried to gun someone else down as part of a gangland initiation at the age of 15.

They were investigating him for another murder when the “assassination” of Tupac happened.

The Cops who were called in to help Las Vegas Police Department investigate the death which rocked the world of music, said in the immediate aftermath, informants told them Anderson was boasting to people about killing Tupac.

It was reported that Anderson was beaten by Tupac and Death Row records boss Suge Knight in the Las Vegas MGM Grand just hours before the shooting.Tupac was shot four times in the chest, arm, and thigh. He died six days later at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas

On May 30, 1998,  Orlando ‘Baby Lane’ Anderson was killed in a gun battle over an alleged drug war.

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