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Couple Travel To U.S. To Beat Up Son’s Wife

Couple Travel To U.S. To Beat Up Son’s Wife
  • PublishedSeptember 8, 2017
Police in Florida , United States have arrested three Indians, the Kalsis , after officers found a manhandled woman and child being held at a home in Hillsborough County .
According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff ’ s office , the woman’s husband — 33 -year -old Devbir Kalsi — had beaten her and his parents had flown in from India to “ counsel and discipline” the woman — 33 -year- old Silky Gaind — at his request .
Deputies described Gaind as “ badly beaten and bruised over her entire body ,” allegedly from beatings by her husband and his parents .
According to the Tampa Bay Times , police said the alleged beatings had “ been ongoing for an extended period of time . ”
Authorities learned about the case when Gaind called her parents in India on Saturday to tell them . Her parents then informed police in the US.
Police officers arrived at the house at around 6 . 30 a . m. on Saturday morning and heard Gaind “( scream ) for the deputy to save her and her child ,” the Sheriff ’ s Office said, according to the newspaper .
An officer began arresting her husband , Devbir Kalsi , but was confronted by the man ’s father , Jasbir Kalsi , 67 , and mother , Bhupinder Kalsi , 61 .
The newspaper reported that an official investigation found that the parents had flown over from India to “ counsel and discipline” Gaind.
According to the arrest report, which was seen by the newspaper, Devbir Kalsi and his wife argued late Friday night, during which he allegedly hit her “ repeatedly and forcefully . ” According to the arrest report, the man’s parents then allegedly began hitting her , causing bruising to the face , neck and torso . During the fight , the woman was holding her child , who was reportedly inadvertently hit in the face.
The arrest report also states that the woman was locked inside a room after the argument .
Devbir and Jasbir Kalsi face charges of false imprisonment and child abuse while Devbir Kalsi also faces a charge of felony battery and his father faces a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon , for allegedly threatening the wife with a kitchen knife .
Bhupinder Kalsi faces charges of battery domestic violence and failure to report child abuse , according to the newspaper.
The trio have been booked into Hillsborough County jail.
Source: Punch

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