Corp Members Trained, Warned Against Sabotage

Corp Members Trained, Warned Against Sabotage
  • PublishedFebruary 18, 2019

By Aminat Ahmed

Members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) that would participate as electoral officers for the 2019 general elections have been warned against allowing themselves to be used to subvert the wish of the people at the polls.

This warning was given at the three days training organised for the Corp members across the 33 Local Government Council Areas of the State last weekend.

While addressing the commission’s adhoc staff, the Electoral Officer, Boripe Local Government, Mrs. Ajeigbe Falilat advised all corp members to be wary of good gestures and sudden mutual relationship that the politicians might create with them to curry their favour.

The electoral officer made it clear to all corp members that the commission’s attention has been drawn to the new tactics adopted by some politicians in the state to woo the corp members to their side, saying, this is done in order to make them dance to their tune on the election day.

She warned that whoever is found guilty of any offence and act contrary to the provision of the constitution on the election day should be ready to take full responsibility of his or her actions.

According to her, while the commission is working with security agencies to guarantee the safety of the corp members on the election day, she warned them to be vigilant and operate within the law.

“Be conscious of your immediate environment and run for your dear lives in case of any violence, your lives are of greater value to the state and the nation at large”, Ajeigbe warned.

She then urged the trainees to be of good conduct at the polls.

The three days training was divided into four different sections which covers the introduction, the step by step processes involved in voting, the pretest and the test, and lastly the practical aspect which came up on the last day of the training.

During the exercise, the trainees were familiarised with some expected problems that are likely to spring up during the voting process and they were also provided with the best way to handle such situations in order to prevent electoral violence.

The training facilitators advised the corp members to be very fair, transparent and diligent during the discharge of their duties, just as they were charged to shun any form of corruption, bribery and favouritism at the polls.

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