Controversy Erupts After DSS Officer Attempts To Prevent Okoya From Shaking Tinubu (Video)

Controversy Erupts After DSS Officer Attempts To Prevent Okoya From Shaking Tinubu (Video)
  • PublishedDecember 31, 2023

Controversy has trailed the moment an official of the Department of State Services (DSS) attempted to stop Nigerian billionaire and popular businessman, Rasaq Okoya, from shaking President Bola Tinubu.

The incident took place on a Friday at the mosque located in Nnamdi Azikiwe Street, Lagos Island.

After the religious service, Okoya approached President Tinubu to exchange pleasantries. However, a DSS security agent attempted to intervene and halt the handshake. Despite the agent’s efforts, President Tinubu chose to proceed with the gesture, disregarding the attempt to prevent it.

The incident sparked a divided reaction among netizens, with some taking to social media to commend the DSS official for diligently executing his duty to protect the president. On the other hand, there were those who criticized the security agent, labeling his actions as overzealous.

See the reactions below;

@delakuntufayi wrote: “He must have sensed a security threat in the room to have interrupted the process. Intelligence is a part of the security architecture that you and I might not be privileged to compare to those paid to secure them. There’s more to it than this video.”

@mazijinali wrote: “From the video, you can see dat Tinubu wanted to withdraw his hand after de handshake but de man held onto it so de security guy must have noticed dat as well and tried to intervene.”

@donfills wrote: “Yes, he is doing his job but he was overzealous, that’ ‘s how all these recruit personnel behave, If there was a threat, the SSS chief security officer (CSO) to the president who is blue native standing close to the president would have signalled or alerted him. No mind the recruit SSS officer joor.”

@st.diallo wrote: “Wetin give this guy mind do this kinda thing??😂😂 If that billionaire go call president, you don lose your job ooh 😂”

@iamsteepe wrote: “Tinubu nearly slap 👋 that security 😂😂The thing shock Tinubu self baba be like security are you okay? That’s Okaya top 🔝 citizen aka Eleganza.”

@moshood_salam wrote: “He’s overzealous, but again, from another angle, he was just doing his work. No 1 citizen of a nation has no friends. The logic.”

@wizkidgirlfriend wrote: “E wan squeeze him hand! Bodyguard don know to say that hand no too strong but what do I know?’

@diane_jibbs wrote: “He’s not overzealous. He is a security personnel for a reason. This is a public place, he has to keep the president moving.”

@soarluxurycars wrote: “I u

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