Contributory Pensioners Demand Release Of Bond Certificate

Contributory Pensioners Demand Release Of Bond Certificate
  • PublishedSeptember 29, 2023


THE Osun State Chairman of Contributory Pensioners, Gbenga Oyadare, has urged the state government to stop treating members of the group as second citizens, saying they must be paid their entitlements like former lawmakers in the state. 

Oyadare disclosed this in an interview with newsmen yesterday, adding that the group is tired of the excuse by the state government that it is managing the state funds. 

According to the chairman, since the state Governor has money to pay lawmakers who were not returned to the state assembly their severance packages, he should also release their bond certificate and pay arrears of half salaries owed them. 

He said: “We have written letters to him before now. We are only reminding him that it is time for him to pay. What is good for the geese is good for the gander. If he had paid those people, why shouldn’t we be paid? 

“Let him manage the little resources for us too. If he had to manage funds, he would pay them some and pay us some but since he can pay them up, we must be paid up too. 

“If we want to be just, let us manage what we have. You pay them some and you pay us some. But you pay them up and you are asking us to take some, are we second citizens? We should not be treated like that. 

 In his words, the Public Relations Officer of the group, Mr Toyin Ayinde, noted that 48 of their members were in an unstable condition, needing urgent medical attention.

He said: “This suffering is now too much. That is why we came out to face the government. We have about 8,000 pensioners and only 1000 have been paid. Our people are suffering across the state. People can’t even afford to buy drugs. Many have resulted in homemade herbs to treat themselves. One of us in Iwo who has cancer can’t afford to buy drugs. 

“We have 48 of our members who are not stable again.

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