“Cigarette, Tobacco, Others, Highest Causes Of Early Death”

“Cigarette, Tobacco, Others, Highest Causes Of Early Death”
  • PublishedMarch 6, 2018

By Nofisat Marindoti

The head of medical Practitioners at the clinic of the College of Humanities and Culture, Osun State University, Dr. Alabi Arikeusola has warned students to desist from smoking cigarette, tobacco, India hemp and other hard drugs as they are the highest causes of early death.


He said this while addressing students at the Freshers’ Orientation organized by the college branch of Muslim Student Society of Nigeria (MSSN) at the Onireke mosque.


Arikeusola said cigarette and the likes contain 7000 chemicals out of which 6900 of it can cause cancer of the lungs. He said these chemicals rewire the brain system and make one become addicted to them.


He also urged students to take breakfasts before going for lectures in the morning to avoid peptic ulcer.


The Medical Practitioner emphasized that sharing of the same room with opposite sex without being married is medically discouraged as such individuals risk sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy which may result to abortion.


He also advised students to avoid stressful activities and make use of the internet positively to stay mentally fit on campus.


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