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China’s Xi Congratulates Mnangagwa

China’s Xi Congratulates Mnangagwa
  • PublishedAugust 7, 2018

President Xi Jinping of China has congratulated Zimbabwe’s Emmerson Mnangagwa on his election as Zimbabwe’s president.

This was revealed by the news agency Xinhua, saying the country was offering support after the African nation’s opposition cried foul.

Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to unite after he was declared the first elected head of state since
Robert Mugabe’s removal from power, but the opposition leader has insisted he won and has pledged to
challenge the result.

China has close economic and diplomatic ties with Zimbabwe, which it has been keen to maintain after Mugabe’s ouster in November 2017 in a de facto coup that brought his former ally Mnangagwa to power.

“In a congratulatory message dated Sunday, Xi expressed his wishes that the Zimbabwean government and
people would make more achievements in national development under Mnangagwa’s leadership.”

Xi said he expects to meet Mnangagwa in September when he visits Beijing for a summit of Chinese and African leaders.

“Xi said he hoped the meeting with Mnangagwa in Beijing could push forward the comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between the two countries.”

On Monday, Zimbabwe’s main opposition said security forces were abducting its members in night raids to intimidate the party and stop it challenging Mnangagwa’s win.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa has rejected Mnangagwa’s victory, and has promised to use legal and
constitutional means to challenge the outcome.

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