Chika Ike Graduates Harvard Business School

Chika Ike Graduates Harvard Business School
  • PublishedFebruary 5, 2018

Nollywood actress, Chika Ike last year revealed that she was partaking in program at the Harvard Business School last year.

Now she has announced that she has wrapped up her 8-months MBA program with Harvard Business School.

While sharing pictures on social media, Chika wrote;

“I was super excited when I got accepted into Harvard business school not just because I tried for five years but I wanted to learn the skill set to run a sustainable company . Harvard has transformed me totally and given me a different perspective of the business world and the skill set to tackle business problems.

It was an intense 8 months program, Juggling my businesses and studying wasn’t the easiest thing. But thanks for the support of my awesome Living group, my coach, Pld25 peers, all the professors and administrative team. Change is very uncomfortable, stretching out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable, you’ll question and doubt yourself severally.

But it’s ok to be vulnerable when situation presents itself. There is strength in Vulnerability. Embrace your fears, leave your comfort zone and keep stretching yourself. Never give up. Love you”


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