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Chieftaincy Review C’ttee Recommends Fresh Process For Akinrun, Aree Stools

  Retains Famodun’s Selection Process Gboleru Ruling House Calls For Release Of White Paper THERE is going to be major shakeup in traditional institution in the State of Osun very soon.   The Chieftaincy Affairs Review Committee set up by Governor Ademola Adeleke has recommended the removal of some traditional rulers whose appointments generated crises to…”
April 28, 2023 12:25 pm


  • Retains Famodun’s Selection Process
  • Gboleru Ruling House Calls For Release Of White Paper

THERE is going to be major shakeup in traditional institution in the State of Osun very soon.  

The Chieftaincy Affairs Review Committee set up by Governor Ademola Adeleke has recommended the removal of some traditional rulers whose appointments generated crises to pave way for fresh process. 

OSUN DEFENDER gathered that fresh selection processes might take place for the emergence of new Akinrun of Ikirun and Aree of Iree, findings have revealed. 

According to impeccable sources, the committee has recommended nullification of the process that led to the appointment and installation of Prince Yinusa Olalekan Akadiri as the Akinrun of Ikirun, Ifelodun local government of the State of Osun. 

Similarly, the process that led to the emergence of Prince Oluponle Ademola as the Aree of Iree was also recommended for review. 

However, the selection process, appointment and installation of former state Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gboyega Famodun as the new Owa of Igbajo was retained. 

Credible sources at the Governor’s Office told OSUN DEFENDER yesterday that the Chieftaincy Review Committee also recommended fresh selection process for the towns whose selection and appointment processes of new traditional rulers did not follow due process.

According to the sources, the recommendations of the committee will be considered any time from June. 

However, the medium spoke with a member of the committee to confirm the recommendation on Akinrun and Aree stools. 

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The member confirmed that the appointment of Famodun as the Owa of Igbajo was retained while fresh process was recommended for the selection of new Aree of Iree. 

The committee member refused to comment on Akinrun stool. 

Another member of the committee told OSUN DEFENDER that the committee was very fair and objective in the review exercise. 

He disclosed that the committee members rejected inducement from some people who were parties to the cases being reviewed. 

He said: “Our committee was sincere and had no bias in our report. No one influenced what we did and our submissions in the report. All the decisions we reached were unanimous. Members of the public will be very happy with the report when it is released. It carefully punctured the sides of fault for those who were at fault and the right things for those who did things the right way. 

“We were not biased and we did not use the process of government to threaten anyone. Whoever has a clear cut process will retain his seat while those who run afoul of the law may be asked to restart the process all over again.


Famodun, the Owa of Igbajo

“I cannot say what our verdict is on Ikirun, Igbajo and Iree kingships. What I can tell you is that nobody influenced our decisions. The report has been submitted to the government. 

“No member took a dime from anybody; of course people made offer to us, they brought money but we did not accept it. We were very fair to everybody. Nobody was witch-hunted in the report. Everything that transpired on the whole issue was taken note of and was considered in the preparation of the report of the committee.

“If the affected kings know that what former governor Adegboyega Oyetola did was normal, they do not have reasons to fear at all. It is only those whose appointments did not follow due process that the committee recommend fresh process to the Governor. However, the government reserves the right to make a final decision on it. 

“We followed the scope and terms of reference which asked us to only review what was done after July 16, 2022 governorship election. We did not touch decisions made before July 16. We only did what the Governor told us to do.”

It would be recalled that the committee had on January 3, 2023 submitted its report to Adeleke.

Chairman of the committee, Revd. Bunmi Jenyo, said over 1,000 petitions were received from aggrieved individuals on chieftaincy matters in the state.

Crises had engulfed some towns following the alleged imposition of monarchs by Oyetola after he lost his second term election.

However, Adeleke set up the Chieftaincy Affairs Review Committee to investigate controversies surrounding kingship appointments made after the July 16 governorship election.

The Governor assured that his administration would study the report and the recommendations, promising that no one would be witch-hunted.

He said rule of law and due process would be applied in settling controversy surrounding the selection and approval of traditional rulers during the immediate past administration.

Gboleru Ruling House Calls For Release of White Paper 

This is just as the Gboleru ruling house in Ikirun urged Governor Adeleke to release white paper on the recommendations of the Chieftaincy Affairs Review Committee. 

The ruling house said it was important for Adeleke to release the white paper on time to guide against misrepresentation of fact and manipulation.

Prince Kayode Oyetunji, who spoke on behalf of the ruling house, commended Adeleke for his efforts at righting the wrongs on chieftaincy matters in the state, just as he charged the Governor not to entertain any misinformation on Akinrun’s stool. 

 Recounting what led to controversies on the Akinrun’s stool, Oyetunji said: “Gboleru Ruling House was never invited or contacted by the state or Ifelodun local government either orally or in writing to submit candidate or candidates to fill the stool of Akirun of Ikirun.

“There wasn’t any internal crisis within Gboleru ruling house filed before any court of law contrary to pervasive position of Justice of Osun State High Court who, in his creativity, not only erred in law but  instrumental to injustice done to Gboleru ruling house, leading the government to jump Gboleru and ask next ruling house, Oba Ara, to produce candidate or candidates for the royal stool.

“Upon the pervasive decision of the said High Court,  Gboleru Ruling House  within two weeks of the decision swiftly approached  the Appeal Court, Akurẹ, and as at November 17, 2021 served court paper and notifications to all parties, including the state government; the Governor, Commissioners for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and that of Justice Ministry, along with the Ikirun kingmakers.

“Sadly, and contrary to the rule of law, the state government, claiming to be following the judgement of the State High Court, initiated and organised selection of candidate for the royal stool through Ifelodun local government on November 19, 2021 which was two days after they had all received the court papers. The illegal process produced a winner with six votes while distant second got one vote.

“The action of the state government to carry out selection of a candidate for the vacant stool of Akinrun while the case has been instituted at the Appeal Court, was an unfortunately flagrant violation of the rule of law, which totally negates democratic dividends and norms.

“It must be stated unambiguously clear that between November 17, 2021 when court papers and notifications were served and October 25, 2022, the state legal team presented their defence to the appeal court, Akurẹ, and despite the existing legal encumbrances, the state government was misdirected into appointing the winner of illegal selection process as the Akirun of Ikirun in October 2022, just a day before hearing of the Gboleru Ruling House appeal case, in Akure.

 “All government’s administrative actions of selection of a candidate and appointment of the candidate as Akirun of Ikirun were post-commencement of the appeal case.

“Gboleru Ruling House is therefore calling on the Osun State Government to reverse all the administrative actions of the state government which are not known to Appeal Court as they were done after we have commenced litigation.

“The reversal to the position all parties were as at November 17, 2021 will demonstrate our firmed commitment to the rule of law, and further ensures promotion of democratic process.

“We, the Gboleru ruling house, is therefore appealing to all lovers of justice, equity and peace, and all those who really and truly believe that all power belongs to merciful God to intervene with the fear of the Creator who we will all give account of our stewardship to one day, to intervene in a way to ensure justice is done.

We further appeal to Governor Adeleke to release white paper based on a good job we are believing the committee set up to look into the chieftaincy matters, particularly as it affects royal stool of Akirun of Ikirun.”


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