Chelsea’s Goalkeeper Says Batshuayi Need Time To Prove self

Chelsea’s Goalkeeper Says Batshuayi Need Time To Prove self
  • PublishedOctober 25, 2017

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has urged patience regarding fellow Belgian Michy Batshuayi.

Courtois is convinced Batshuayi has the ability to prove himself Chelsea class.

He told Reporters: “I think sometimes it is too easy to criticise somebody. When you join a team like Chelsea people expect a lot of goals straight away.

“Michy is young and he needs to be given time. Not every striker will have the same impact at the same time.

“But he is doing well, he has scored some important goals. Obviously, he has to keep on working and doing what the manager asks of him.

“But sometimes he has played in games where as a team we haven’t had enough possession or we can’t reach him well enough.”

Courtois also spoke of Batshuayi’s strop during the defeat at Crystal Palace.

He added: “After Crystal Palace, people criticised him and that is not easy. He showed a lot of spirits to come back from that.

“When he came off against Palace, I don’t think he was reacting towards the coach as some have made out, but he was just disappointed with his game, that he couldn’t make an impact.

“So it is good that he worked hard during the following week and tried to fight again. He had another opportunity against Watford, scored twice and that’s important.


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