Chelsea To Move For Enrique and Suarez

Chelsea To Move For Enrique and Suarez
  • PublishedFebruary 7, 2018

Chelsea are considering to replace Conte with former Barcelona coach,Luis Enrique. Conte is currently having a terrible time at Chelsea after series os defeats and present 4-1 defeat against Watford on Monday night, and Roman Abramovich would like to bring to Enrique to London following his time off football. The Chelsea owner is also loking at a possibility of bringing with Enrique, Luis Suarez who is presently having a great time at Barcelona but there is no guarantee that the clubs are ready to let the striker off.

Chelsea will opt for Barcelona star Luis Suarez if Antonio Conte is replaced by Enrique at the  Stamford Bridge, Enrique was inconsistent at Barcelona but enjoyed the best Suarez had to offer. Suarez would be able to provide the energy and aggression to aid him in attack as the new buy Alvaro Morata has not been convincing enough, and might even prove to be a suitable replacement for Eden Hazard on the left side of the attack. The only concern is that at 31 he could be considered past his best.

Antonio Conte isn’t quitting at Stamford Bridge, and there are no plans to get him off by Abrahmovich. Chelsea believe as far as Conte doesn’t lose out on the top four and he is able to make the Champions’ league then there would be absolutely no need to get him replaced. Conte, who has 18 months to run on his contract, has also made it clear that he won’t quit the club.

Looking for the subtext, one possible impression to take from this story is that the two parties are making it plain that they won’t move first. Conte is on £9m a year, so understandably may be reluctant to walk away from a job and financial security. By the same token, Chelsea could be trying to force Conte out without having to stump up £9m in compensation so that they can bring in their new man.




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