Chatham House: Obi Was Very Stingy – Kenneth Okonkwo

Chatham House: Obi Was Very Stingy – Kenneth Okonkwo
  • PublishedJanuary 17, 2023

Kenneth Okonkwo, a veteran Nollywood actor and spokesperson of the Peter Obi/Datti Presidential Campaign Organisation, has characterized his principal, Peter Obi as being stingy responding to all of the questions posed to him at Chatham House without allocating them to his aides.

Obi, like other leading candidates for the next presidential election, spoke at Chatham House about his ambitions for Nigeria should he be elected and sworn in as president later this year.

Appearing on Arise TV’s The Morning Show on Tuesday, Okonkwo said, “Obi was so stingy that he couldn’t share his questions. He answered them all by himself.

“We have witnessed in Nigeria where some candidates went on international molestation of our common psyche.

“They went there in their generosity, shared all the questions and answered none.

“Have you not seen the difference between a man who is responsible and responsive as a leader who is going to bring transformative and purposeful leadership in Nigeria with a man who shifts all the responsibilities to others?”

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