Only Careful Plan Can Solve Nigeria’s Problem -Osinbajo

Only Careful Plan Can Solve Nigeria’s Problem -Osinbajo
  • PublishedOctober 30, 2017

The Vice President of the federation Yemi Osinbajo has acknowledged that the country is faced with many challenges but that all such challenges must be addressed, as spelled out in the Bible, “line by line and precept by precept,” and not haphazardly.

However, Osinbajo gave this charge to worshippers at the Cathedral Church of Saint Jude, Ebute Metta, and Lagos, which celebrated its 150th anniversary on Sunday.

Drawing lesson from the biblical phrase of “line by line and precept by precept,” the vice-president, Professor Osinbajo, alluded to the fact that only careful and well-thought-out plans could bring about lasting solutions to the problems and challenges confronting the nation because the haphazard approach to issues would never lead to anywhere worthwhile.

He also used the occasion to charge Christians to hold their faith in high esteem and brace up for challenges and persecutions which he said were necessary for the church of Jesus to grow.

According to the vice-president, persecution is “inherent in the church of the Lord,” while noting that it was after persecution that the church began to grow.

He, therefore, called on Christians to be filled with courage and never relent in preaching the gospel because only by the preaching of the gospel that Christian would begin to show the character expected of true Christians.

“It is the gospel that says you cannot be exalted without him (Jesus Christ). It is the gospel that says seeks him first and other things will be made available. It is the gospel of values. It is the gospel of truth, and this truth must prevail over any other thing,” he said.

In his sermon, the preacher of the day, Rev Emmanuel Adekunle, admonished parents to teach and show their children that life was not a bed of roses and to never give up on their faith in Christ no matter what.

“We should uphold our faith till the end. We should continue to wait on Jesus and be a generation of evangelists by informing the whole world that Jesus Christ is alive,” he said.

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