Cardi B Denies She Had Liposuction

Cardi B Denies She Had Liposuction
  • PublishedNovember 19, 2018

Rapper and mother of one Cardi B, has denied getting Liposuction to lose her baby weight months after she welcomed her daughter Kulture.

She took to social media while sharing a naked picture of herself to say;

“It’s been a very emotional ride but I’m still here. After giving birth I had the ultimate fupa. I hated my midriff so much. Weeks went by and I still hadn’t gotten my SnapBack body back.  So I started eating less and started drinking @teamiblends to curb my appetite. I finally lost all my belly fat but also lost too much weight on my thighs and arms and its hard to get my appetite back. I’m ready to gain some healthy weight back so I can have my juicy thighs back.  And No! No Lipo”

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