Bill Gate No Longer Interested In Microsoft

Bill Gate No Longer Interested In Microsoft
  • PublishedSeptember 27, 2017

Reports have it that Bill Gates is no longer involved in the day-to-day running of Microsoft, but all of us still see him as the face of the company. Bill Gates is Microsoft. He’s always been a big proponent of Microsoft products, but presently it sounds like even he can’t use a Windows Phone anymore.

In the interview he was asked about his relationship with Steve Jobs and the new iPhone. Bill said He switched to an Android phone with “a lot of Microsoft software.”

This goes to show how irrelevant the Windows Phone has become and Microsoft doesn’t seem to care much about the platform anymore. I’d say that Windows phones have a boring U.I so that was probably the reason why it didn’t work out.

New devices are few and far between. If you want the best experience with Microsoft apps, you’re better off using Android or iOS.

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