Bickerings In Osun APC – Akande To The Rescue

Bickerings In Osun APC – Akande To The Rescue
  • PublishedFebruary 4, 2024

The report credited to Chief Bisi Akande that the crisis in the Osun A P C will soon be resolved and that the rift between Rauf Aregbesola and his successor in office, Adegboyega Oyetola would soon be settled is welcome news.

The crisis which has rocked the party in the state led to the defeat of Oyetola in the guber polls, the loss of the state by Tinubu, and the emergence of Ademola Adeleke of the PDP as Governor.

The big question on the lips of everyone is why has it taken Chief Ɓisi Akande so long before making the current peace move in a rift that has caused his principal, Tinubu the loss of his own native state? 

Events unfolding in Osun at the beginning of the crisis indicated that if prompt action had been taken to come to a compromise Oyetola would probably have still been the Governor of Osun State today while President Tinubu would also have been spared the opprobrium of losing the support of his own native people.

While it is not the duty of this writer to delve into the nitty gritty of the whole unfortunate episode, it should be seen as a gross miscalculation by the APC top hierarchy at both the state and national levels that with or without Aregbesola the party would win both elections in the state. The outcome of that election had proved the contrary.

Preparations for another general elections will commence in less than two years’ time and that is why we welcome Chief Bisi Akande’s peace initiative on the Osun political debacle.

Now if Tinubu feels that he had enjoyed a “national spread ” by his party’s victory during the last elections, the stain on his banner still remains his inability to win Osun State, his acclaimed state of origin.

Although Tinubu may claim to Lagos State as his political base, he cannot discountenance Osun State’s relevance and importance as his acknowledged place of birth.

Given the orientation of the average Nigerian politician, failure to win your own state of birth is often perceived as a rejection of your candidacy by your own people and this is not good enough for a national leader especially a Presidential candidate.

Aregbesola’s relevance and dominance of Osun State politics have much to do with his unflinching loyalty to the noble cause for which the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo lived and died and all his teeming supporters are on the same page with him in this regard.

If anti Aregbesola forces think they can supplant him with Oyetola then they would be embarking on a wild goose chase because without Aregbesola’s support and full backing no political party whether APC or PDP can expect to come tops in any electoral contest whether gubernatorial or presidential in that state.

Adversaries of the present government, especially those in the opposition parties would look for every cause or reason to downsize the popularity of APC as a party and one of the ways by which they would do this is by portraying its flag bearer as a candidate without the blessing of his own people.

Although this scenario may not be too glaring as of now, it will manifest when electioneering campaigns begin and politicians begin to throw brickbats at each other.

Chief Bisi Akande should be commended for his current peace efforts and other well-meaning Yoruba leaders should join him in this crusade.

Tinubu should be wary of fifth columnists in his cabinet and also those current friends of his who would rather further alienate the president’s estranged associates from him than bring them back to his fold. These are the people the Yoruba call ‘ **arijenimodaru* ‘ But if the President happens to be lacking of sincere and honest advisers he too should enter his closet and reflect on the trajectory of his journey to fame and power.

Written by Moses Olorode, who is the President of THE PATRONS CLUB, IBADAN and former Lagos City Editor, Daily Sketch; Political Editor, The Punch and News Editor, New Nigerian Newspapers.

The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author. They do not represent the opinions or views of Osun Defender.

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