#BBN: Miracle Disgraced Nina- Publicist

#BBN: Miracle Disgraced Nina- Publicist
  • PublishedApril 11, 2018

Nina’s publicist who many believes is her sister has expressed disappointment on what happened in the house last night saying that Nina is being humiliated by ‘someone’ she risked everything for, and that she has ‘brought so much shame on herself’ just to be with that person only to be betrayed by him. 

The post was deleted after followers opposed her views.

Recall that Nina and Miracle’s relationship hit the rocks on Monday after Miracle expressed his displeasure on Nina referring to him as just a friend.

While she was speaking with fellow housemate, Tobi, Nina said she is done with Miracle and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him again.

Meanwhile Tobi the middleman ran off to his best friend Miracle to disclose his thoughts that he thinks Nina was only acting.



  • Nina has just shown her naivity in the highest grade because she herself wrecked the image people like me had of her from the beginning and Miracle has been the force behind her on the show till the finals. She is a confused human being who can’t defend or express what she wants. I can’t vote her again for the fumbler she is. Miracle is as constant as the northern star. Nina has lost both Miracle and Collins and her publicist should just not further wreck her already dented personality.

  • nina thinks bcos she has reached final she can mess up miracle.we made nina reach finals bcos of miracle. and this is how she will show her royalty.alright. i bet u so called nina fans, nina will be the first to be evicted (grand finale)

  • lol Nina, sorry it a game I wonder y you are discovering it now. It all woman behaves like this, hmmm then what are we to trust..I believe she is the first betrayer.

  • Hmm dagba omo idiot girl wot goes around comes around

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