BACK PAGE: Osun 2018 Countdown: 204 Days To Go!

BACK PAGE: Osun 2018 Countdown: 204 Days To Go!
  • PublishedMarch 3, 2018


Analysis By Osun Defender’s Data Analyst, Ojenike Oluwadamilola assisted by Mariam Ajetunmobi. The People’s Democratic Party has a high mountain to climb to win the State of Osun governorship election slated for September 22nd, 2018.

The party will have to have a swing of 14.8% to win overall. A key factor here, is that unlike last time in 2014, the September 22nd election will not be conducted under a PDP Minister of Police Affairs who turned the state security services into an instrument of electoral locus pocus including voters’ suppression.

The split of the PDP into two contending factions will also be a great hindrance. It is difficult to see how the deeply seated sources of disagreement can be plastered in readiness for the governorship election.

In the coming weeks, OSUN DEFENDER will take a detailed look at the senatorial districts in terms of previous and projected voters registration, turn-out and their bearing on the race.


Word On Marble

“VOR also welcomes the introduction of the Parliamentary system in the local government of Osun State. Apart from saving cost, the rudiments of parliamentary system of government could be learnt at the local level right from now, because there lies the future of governance in Yorubaland. We encourage other states in Yorubaland to follow suit”.

—VOICE OF REASON (VOR), a Pan-Yoruba Leadership Group

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