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Attack On TOP: Osun PDP Accuses Oyetola Of Arms Buildup, State Sponsored Terrorism

Attack On TOP: Osun PDP Accuses Oyetola Of Arms Buildup, State Sponsored Terrorism
  • PublishedNovember 19, 2021


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in the State of Osun has condemned the attack launched on innocent citizens and residents of the State by some gun wielding APC thugs at Aregbe area, Gbongan road, Osogbo, yesterday where a faction of the APC known as TOP regularly hold their meetings.

The unmasked gunmen who invaded the area shot sporadically on all directions, causing terrible pandemonium leading to residents, shops, offices, passengers and commuters scampering for safety.

The PDP Directorate of Media and Publicity in Osun said the party believed that no political urchin could dare such disruption of public peace if not operating under desperate covers of of the APC faction supported by Mr Oyetola.

The PDP wondered how daring the APC thugs could be to wreck such a dreadful havoc on innocent citizens of the State in broad daylight without being apprehended by relevant security agents in the state, even when pictures emanating from the scene of the heinous crime clearly showed faces of the criminals.

He said Osun PDP is deeply concerned that public peace is being brazenly jeopardized at a time election is still some months away.

The party said: “One then wonders the level of calamity awaiting the state in months ahead under Mr Oyetola. This turn of event is the height of crass incompetence and dangerous desperation of the governor whose administration has sunk the state deeper into poverty, insecurity, hunger, and economic hardship etc.

“It is apparent that the APC administration led by Governor Gboyega Oyetola has failed the people of the State including his own party members whose safety can no longer be guaranteed in addition to economic woes already bedeviling the State.

“It is more worrisome that Mr Oyetola could appear so abjectly overwhelmed in a simple matter of internal rift within the Osun APC which has now escalated to the alarming level of broad daylight attempted assassination. If the governor could not manage internal affairs of his motley Apc members, little wonder he has failed uncontrollably in almost all areas of governance in the state.

“Our party is not unmindful of plot by Oyetola Apc group to unleash similar bloody violence on the leaders of opposition figures in the Peoples Democratic Party as according to them, it is the last resort of reinventing their lost hopes in the coming elections. We however urge the evil plotters to perish such thoughts as the PDP will do everything within the ambit of our rights to defend our people. Any repressive action from any angle against any member of our party will be met with equal measure of resistance.”

The PDP called on the state commissioner of Police and the state Director of DSS to immediately extend their investigative tentacles to arms buildup linked to the governor in the State as alleged openly by his own party leaders.

“Source of supply of such weapons, finance, logistics, sponsorship and deployment of terrorists who are currently being unleashed to set Osun state ablaze, should be investigated to forestall breakdown of law and order. The relevant security agencies need not be told that security under this administration is on the brinks of total collapse.

“Osun PDP also calls on the good people of the state not to be drowned in the ocean of apprehension being brewed by Oyetola Apc government, but rather be watchful and stay away from vicinities of Apc gatherings in order to avoid sharing in their orchestrated bloodbath. We assure our people of instant restoration of lost glory of Osun State, devoid of despotic gangsterism when the PDP administration comes on board come 2022.”

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