Atheism, Daddy Freeze, Christmas, Churches And Agnostics By Nneka Okumazie

Atheism, Daddy Freeze, Christmas, Churches And Agnostics By Nneka Okumazie
  • PublishedDecember 25, 2018

Everything about the human existence is not physical. Looks, height, color, fashion, style, hair, skin, size, etc. could be major qualifiers of what is initially accepted, but there is more to people than those.

Intellect [or its total extent] is not often physical. Thoughts, beliefs, imagination and the mind are not ‘immediately’ physical. Wealth is not often physical. Voice or accent is not ‘physical’ no matter what initial looks may assume. Taste is not physical.

Experience is not physical. Health is not often physical. Smell is not physical. Power is not physical. Education is not physical. Talent is not immediately physical.

There’s the world’s acceptance of what represents pleasant: looking the part, optics, or being the model of the objective. But physicality, applied to all for evaluation, is a thin standard.

There are all kinds of people, looking different, but doing the most unexpected things. There is so much failure of the physical, that it is almost always neglected in major positions.

Physicality has its goods, but there are far superior values. Physicality is also a major problem in stereotyping people. That is, because this individual looks like this, or appears like this, then this should be what this person should be about.

It had and continues to cause many of the complicated problems across the world. Also, the use of the physical to judge – say Christianity is a major misunderstanding for nonbelievers.

GOD is a Spirit. GOD is not physical. If a person uses the best of telescopes, there is no seeing the Almighty GOD with that. There are physical expectations of individuals, but when applied to the Supreme Spirit Being, it is a flawed model.

The ways of GOD are different from the ‘ways’ of all. The questions many of the atheists ask and think there are no answers, is because they have used the physical to box their views on the Almighty GOD.

GOD is not Science, and Heaven is not a planet. Smarter people should have read the Scriptures to understand these, and quit the stupid arguments.

But most times, many prominent atheists/agnostics often have their own religion that is not Christianity and they also hate the rules of Christianity. So while they pretend to questions Christianity, they often have other reasons.

Boxing Christianity in the physical by atheists is different from another strategy some are using to discredit Christianity. They use the Scriptures and ask for specific things, so if it is not there, then it seems like it is unnecessary.

They don’t discuss or debate holiness or righteousness, evangelism or edification, sanctification or consecration, they only look for charged topics to rile people, and fault the Church of GOD.

Some would argue that Christmas is voided because it is not in the Scriptures, OK. But when Christ was born, there was worship. If the anniversary of His birth is assigned and made special – because of His mission, a period to sing carols [often worship], is a great thing. There was also celebration of Christ’s birth [with gifts].

Some also said that the name of Jesus has to be one name, and in one language. But in the book of Isaiah where the birth of Jesus was predicted, he was called several great names, which is still applicable. Jesus cannot be boxed to one name or language.

The laws in the Old Testament were made obsolete by Christ, but there was the fruit of the Spirit, which applied across the Scriptures regardless of those called Christians or those who weren’t called Christians but followed GOD.

Christ talked about giving, mentioned tithes a few times, but he never collected tithes or asked for it Himself. But there are several Scriptures where loving the Lord GOD or following Him, according to what He said would mean giving to the work of GOD for witnessing, or building Churches, or giving to the poor.

Tithing is specialized giving of commitment after submission to GOD. It is voluntary, optional, and according to your Faith. The moment anyone thinks tithing means cheating, or that tithing is an excuse to sin, or that tithing can be done with illegal earnings, or tithing can be slashed, then no need to give.It is supposed to be a seed which can be used also for private prayers, not giving like tradition, or for optics, or to bluster.

Christ talked about the Pharisee who boasted about fasting twice a week – and giving tithes. Christ also talked about the Publican, who said, ‘O GOD, be merciful to me, for I am a sinner.’ So repentance and humility of whatever is done for the Kingdom of GOD is more important than a giving sacrifice, or not.

There is a box daddy freeze often tries to put Christianity using Scriptures that underscores his aim, and makes people think he knows the Bible, or he’s challenging others.

But there are debates he should have on righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. The things on fleeing lust and fornication he can never touch. His goal is to discredit Christianity, oscillating between Books of the Bible to find what would help his [dead-on-arrival] arguments.

Accepting the Lord is more of a walk of Faith, Hope, and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth. A true believer is a Child of GOD. There are so many things others can do or say, or believe that are off-limits. It is possible to have a weakness in praying, fasting, giving, evangelism, Spiritually-minded, worship, etc. but does not invalidate the expectations of the Lord on those.

Yes, there are hard times, no matter one’s Christian Faith level. There are challenges, tests, and troubles in the world, but there are some people who are genuine Christians, who know the GOD they serve and are sure, because they have seen results and totally believe the Savior can save them.

Daniel 11:32, “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be Strong, and do [Exploits].”

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