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ASUP Gives Osun Govt Seven-Days Ultimatum To Address Union Demand

ASUP Gives Osun Govt Seven-Days Ultimatum To Address Union Demand
  • PublishedFebruary 5, 2022

The Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP) Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, chapter has issued a seven-day ultimatum to Osun Government to address the demands of the union.

The union after its Congress held at Union Secretary, Iree, Boripe Local Government area of state, said the union will embark on strike if the government failed to attend to the request presented by the Union within the stated days.

Speaking, the chairman, Dr Fatai Afolabi said the union wants Osun government to scale up Tertiary Institutions Salary Table to 100% just like it did for the health sector which has been addressed since 2020.

He said the Osun government is yet to pay their five months cooperative bank loans deduction after many letters have been written to that effect.

According to him, “There is deduction in 2019 May June cooperative deduction banks loans and March, April and May 2020 making five months which had not been paid after many letters have been written to the government.

“And there was agreement between the labour union and government that one promotion would be cash back by November last year and 29 half salary arrears government would start paying them starting from November last year.

“There is no solution on sight, the Congress were decided to give the 7 days government ultimatum”.

Afolabi said that their colleagues in federal polytechnics and other states owner institutions were enjoying the 2019 salary scheme while Osun polytechnic lecturers are still agitate for full implementation of the 2009.

The chairman said, “We want our promotion as at when due, we have discussed with the government that even if it’s not cash back that they should allow us to be getting our promotion. We didn’t force them to pay immediately because we have gentlemen agreement.

“There are other things that has to do with the promotion because in academic if you don’t attain certain status you will not be given some responsibilities.

“The retirement age cum length of service, the retirement age of academic staff has enthrive in the polytechnic Act has been increased to 65 years irrespective of the length of service this was clearly stated in Osun 2014 law that has to do with academic staff.

“Our demands are; Implementation of Full Salary Table for Tertiary Institutions.; 65 Years Retirement Age.; Year 2019, 2020, and 2021 Promotion Exercise.

“Payment of 29 Months Half-Salary Arrears and Monthly Deduction of May and June, 2019, March, April and May, 2020 5. Contributary Pension Scheme”, he added.

It should be recalled that 7 days ultimatum follow the 21-day notice to Osun Government on 17th December, 2021,which lapsed January, 2022.

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