Art Director To Sue Kunle Afolayan Over Name Omission In Ijogbon

Art Director To Sue Kunle Afolayan Over Name Omission In Ijogbon
  • PublishedOctober 28, 2023

An Art Director, Tunji Afolayan has threatened to take legal action against KAP Production Ltd, Kunle Afolayan‘s movie firm, over an alleged breach of contract in ‘Ijogbon’.

‘Ijogbon’ is Kunle’s recently produced movie. It was released on October 13.

Tunji in an Instagram post on Friday, shared a letter written through Osifowora and Co., his legal representative, alleging that he signed a contract with KAP Productions Limited and was not given a copy of the executed documents.

The letter said that Tunji’s name and title as “art director were omitted from the credits of ‘Ijogbon’”.

It also described the omission as a “deliberate attempt to undermine the director’s creative contribution”.

“Our client stated also that the executed copies of the contractual documents were kept by the management of KAP Productions Limited and his copy was never given to him to date after signing,” the letter reads.

“Upon completion of the project ‘Ijogbon’, to our client’s consternation, there was an omission of his name and title as Art Director for the movie ‘Ijogbon’.

“Our client is appalled at this grave omission and therefore regards this as a breach of contractual terms in the contract with KAP Productions Limited.

“This is further viewed and taken as a deliberate attempt to undermine our client’s creative work and relevance for the movie titled ‘Ijogbon’.

In the letter, Tunji is formally demanding the restoration and proper crediting of his name and role as art director in ‘Ijogbon’ within seven days.

It added that failure to comply within this timeframe will prompt the director to take further action.

“In view of the above, it is our client’s demand that his name and role for which he was contracted and worked, be restored and properly credited in the movie ‘Ijogbon’ as the art director,” it added.

“It is our client’s further demand that the same be done within seven days of receipt of correspondence before the next line of action is taken.”

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